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    tattooing since 91'. dont care for hipsters or 'sensitive tattoo artists'. cable tv and sellouts are ruining this industry.most of my pictures are from a cell phone , im not a photographer,lol. you can follow me or see more work on tumblr patodonnelltattoo or @patodonnelltattoo on instagram
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    so. cal
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    i have a few
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  1. 557555 4430090027429 1537502612 n

    small section of first sitting on snake eagle skull leg piece
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    on ms. campos
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    i did this almost 18 years ago... wish i could find the pic of the other side where the damn head was
  5. 525386 10201064334667576 1115475954 n

    1st sitting rib cover up
  6. 539243 10200906229035034 640076323 n

    hipster seans throat new tattoo
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    1st sitting
  8. so there are 2 new sketch books i just put together. pirated, passe, and politically incorrect vol 1 and vol2. vol1 is 55+ pages of clean line drawings so cool midget hookers will give you half price, its $45 plus shipping. vol2 is 39 pages of likewise cool stuff that will make you cash and probably help you get laid, its $35 plus shipping. they are available thru tam and kingpin or you can get em direct and save us both a couple bucks and get em' a lot faster. they will also be for sale at nyc convention and north az convention. accept paypal and postal money order. you can contact me directly at or facebook
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  10. skull