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  1. Just got another piece done on my wrist/forearm area and I think a scab came off too early :( Scab peeled off and instead of that milky dead skin over the ink, the ink is very bright and vibrant. I don't think it had a chance to grow that extra layer over it. I think this has happened to me before and it ended up healing okay, but it always makes me so nervous
  2. Yeah...I don't think I washed mine well enough the first couple of days because this thing has a bunch of real thick scabs on it. Not happy about this :( Oh well, just have to let the fall off naturally
  3. Oh ok, I wasn't sure if there was anything that could be done during the healing stage to fix them. Yeah, I've definitely gotten them before and I wasn't sure if this was like me not washing well enough or if it was on the artist's end. Thanks for the info!
  4. I have a question: how do you usually heal these craters? I've gotten them before and I don't really know what to do with them. They usually just end up becoming weird scabs and I lose ink. Is that just the typical thing that happens or is there something that can be done during the healing process?
  5. I have a lighthouse going from my ankle to right underneath my knee ditch on my calf. Not fun.
  6. Have the seal of Ohio with some song lyrics. I have it uploaded on my profile
  7. Oh believe me, I've been through all of this before. This is my 11th tattoo. I have sensitive skin and I don't eat great, so I run in to issues healing all the time. Final product always ends up looking good, though!
  8. Just got something done Saturday afternoon. Man, is this thing bruised and hurting. Of course, also have a couple of spots that are freaking me out. Super bright, for whatever reason, while the rest is dark and scab-covered
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    Lauren Vandevier, Cleveland, OH
  10. Lauren Vandevier, Cleveland, OH
  11. Lauren Vandevier, Cleveland, OH
  12. Lauren Vandevier, Cleveland, OH
  13. Judah Helsel, Erie, PA
  14. Judah Helsel, Erie, PA
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    I Love Ohio

    Joey Knuckles, Columbus, OH
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