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    I have one tattoo I designed myself a few years back. Here's a photo Its not faded the photo just has poor lighting
  2. Here's mine Sorry for the bad photo I did the design for it Tattooed by two artists. Swirly and Dale for Sacred Skin, Brisbane, Australia
  3. I love it, I'm sure the artist will do a great job sharpening it up for you also :D
  4. My brothers an apprentice tattooist. He decided to devote a leg to practice when he first got a machine.. his first tattoo was done on it. His whole leg is littered in half finished and munted tattoos :confused: - - - Updated - - - that would suck so much o_o
  5. Hope he doesn't mind :D should get some face tats and surprise him one day ahahha - - - Updated - - - I agree all the girls I know, the more ink they get, the more stunning they become haha
  6. I got half my chest piece done by my favourite tattooist and then he decided to move city. He came back for a week to finish peoples tattoos. Mine was scheduled on his last day... he decided to leave a day early... I got another artist to finish it but always wonder what it could have been like....
  7. I've seen so many hipsters with mustache finger tattoos haha
  8. I wanting to get a full sleeve rainforest themed and then another sleeve deep sea themed. One full colour and one blackwork.
  9. From my personal experience, I brought in a sketch I had labored over for week to have done on my chest. The artist modified to make it more compressed and shaped it too fit better on my chest. I always think it is a good idea to have an artist redo your sketch, you will get the best quality tattoo if the artist is doing it the way he wants it.
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    Hey everyone I'm a long time artist, 10+ years and I've just started drawing tattoos. Look forward to seeing everyone's stuff and getting some good advice :P
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