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  1. The photo posted doesn't show much but the profile seems decent.
  2. Unfortunately this planet is filled with those that will judge you and no approve. People need something to complain about. Most of the time people are just trying to see what the entire thing is.
  3. I agree with the others. It all depends on the artist and what they feel would be best. BEST OF LUCK
  4. Would it be best to post the photos on this thread or to my profile?
  5. Welcome to the forum! Hope the weather is better then it is in CALIFORINIA
  6. My chest piece was done in los angeles and it was about a 7 hour session. Very nice piece black and grey guardena angel with battle armour. I got this for my brothers. There names are all on it. The reason wad because our lives have been tough ND I felt like a guardian angel was with us at all times protecting us.
  7. I completely agree with most of the replies. Placement can be one of the more difficult things to decide. I am currently having a placement issue and have been trying figure it out for some time.
  8. I agree, i believe that a tattoo is a lot like a vintage car, age makes it more impressive and interesting. (Good tattoos that is lol)
  9. Hello, My name is Timmy and i just joined the forum. Looking for some great opinions and some suggestions also! To not waste a post i am interested on so, opinions on a tattoo placement. On my chest i have a Guardian angel (soldier look alike) with wings that go from shoulder to shoulder. On my rib i have a cross with a banner wrapped around it with my mothers name and birth-death date on it along with wings. My next tattoo idea is an octopus on my right shoulder, the tentacles would go onto my back, check and arm. Would this look odd with the wings and what not? Look forward to re
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