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  1. Im planning on getting a half sleeve soon for my birthday. I was wondering if it was better to get the ouline done first and then color it or get my koi fish done first and then add the rest later on. This will be my biggest tattoo. Im thinking the outline first and then color but im not entirely sure.
  2. Oh yea i forgot about the size and location. Umm not to big just enough to fit on the left side of my chest. On my peck i guess.. And im in west palm beach florida. Yea i was going to ask a guy but i never have time. ;p
  3. I was just wondering how long something like this would take
  4. I dont really know what styles i like yet. I love dragons, and wolfs...butbthatsvall i got so far. Im doing more research in the diffrent styles there are
  5. They look bad ass! I wanted a wolf but now im looking into kitsunes
  6. You could try having yourbtattoo artist draw up a design like that one if you like it but not as cartoonish
  7. Looks cool but id rather just get contacts so i can change the colornwhenever i want
  8. I love tattoo shows! So amazing seeing what people come up with. Ink masters has to be my favorite but theres anoter show i dont remember the name but its about a tattoo shop called area 51. Awsome show!
  9. Damn!!amazing ass tattoos! Kind of making me think about getting a full back tat
  10. For #2 you could have LA's area code in block letter and inside have the skyline of la. For example. Seattles area code is 206 so have it in block letters ir soemthing and have a black outline if the space needle and buildings surrounding it.
  11. Wow thats one awsome dragon... I think i want one just like this but with the eternal dragon shenron from dragon ball z
  12. Omg! Looking at some of these tats makes me nervous. I hope none of mines ever come out like that...
  13. Thats a great idea. I love the ripped skin design. It just looks so cool
  14. Hi guys, im a 20 year old male living in west palm beach florida. Have a couole ideas of what tattoos i want but have a hard time deciding. Also if anyone know any good artists in south florida could you link me to them. I really like a guy name blue that works out of boca at a shop named blue foo tattoo. He use to work at a new demensions. Anyways thanks for any help!
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