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  1. Can you put up a better angle of this please so i can get my tattoo artist to copy it,thanks.
  2. Come on Matthew we all want to help you get better tattoos that you will be over the moon with. There are world class, highly respected tattooers that frequent these forums and a plethora of tattoo enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge in the culture of tattoos. I can almost certainly tell you by adding more stars or text around your tattoo will not improve it but worsen what you have. If you are still unhappy with it after some TIME then laser treatments and/or a well executed cover up is your best bet to getting over the moon.
  3. Good on you bro I hear what you are saying. I have been guilty myself of letting my emotions get the better of me from times and jumping on certain people. On another note my mother in law got her first tattoo today from the best shop in NZ and great tattooer Dan Anderson. I was able to steer her in the right direction and now she has outlines of a sweet tiger on rocks with cherry blossoms on her back, its amazing how a bit of educating can alter the end result. On a lighter note I hope your divorce isn't too messy, at least you know she can't take your tattoos with her....sorry bro I couldn't help myself, head up mate and full steam ahead.;)
  4. I like these a lot. I like the idea but I can't get past the one that i saw posted here on Richard Stell by Ed Hardy...wow that was a class above the rest, untouchable on so many levels.
  5. Saw this on IG, incredible man I love the colours with the generous amount of black too. William is great I have my feet done by him, of course one of his snakes.
  6. love the fudo dragon i have it on my front, this is turning out great bro. Marius is such a solid tattooer he is somebody I would get tattooed by for sure. .
  7. I envy all your work by the master, your sleeves and back piece are Rad.
  8. flawless mate. All tattooers should pay attention because that is how a tattoo should look.
  9. That Horitomo front piece on Mike Rubendall is stunning. I am a huge fan of his work, his take on traditional Japanese has a elegance and power rivaled by none I think.
  10. I have two painful areas left and im done,although I want to start laser on my left sleeve but only after those areas are finished.... Ribs, god damn ribs!!!
  11. Damn thats great.You really are spoilt for choice in London at the moment...well done on a killer piece!!!
  12. I like that he can appreciate all styles even tho he is a traditional tattooer. He has been getting a lot of attention lately and well deserved of course, It just goes to show there is no room for rock stars in the industry when you have super talented guys like Capilli who are so humble and thankful for what they do.
  13. That guy aye!! Glad you two got something from him he truly is a top bloke, always friendly and genuinely interested in what you have to say. Awesome tatts too, go the Samoan Kiwi!!
  14. Really like this back piece from Matt Mooney. The skull is very Grime I think but he definitely has his own thing going on which is dope.
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