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  1. Yes, shading and color coming, planning to get this finished by summer, if the sh*tstorm we are in allows. But we'll see, things are not looking very bright now.
  2. I also had my first session on my back, and yes, it did hurt! I knew to expect pain and it fully delivered. Worse than chest or stomach. Design and work by @ilejarvinen
  3. My chest looks like this, torso to be continued, by @hexapdc
  4. s_y

    Hello world!

    Kiitos! Living in Pori, just posted one in the tiger tattoos thread.
  5. Nice tigers! Here's a link to mine, by @teidetattoo :
  6. s_y

    Hello world!

    Just registered, been reading a while. I'm from Finland, getting tattooed by different cool people.