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  1. Hey FUCK YOU!!! I'm a troll and I'm trying to get banned, so help me out. Take 3 seconds away from staring at those nasty, ugly blobs you got done by your sister/girlfriend and click the fucking ban button, unless you're too PUSSY!!!

  2. Fuck all you white trash maggot troll kitchen wizard motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hey fuck you, white trash troll motherfucker. What kitchen wizard are you going to for your next shitty tattoo?

  4. I'm glad I'm here, cause I haven't told anyone to FUCK OFF in a good long while. So everyone, FUCK OFF!!!
  5. Hey @gougetheeyes, fuck you, troll! - - - Updated - - - Your tattoos are shitty blobs done by scratch artists in a dirty kitchen, @gougetheeyes!
  6. Well if you're gonna let this shit stand, maybe you deserve to have me here. After all, every forum gets the trolls that it deserves.
  7. I don't have the fucking patience to deal with this shit. Just fucking ban me and get it over with. - - - Updated - - - Just fucking know that you can tell people whatever you want about why I got banned (if anybody even fucking cares, which I doubt and don't give a fuck anyway), but the truth is I'm leaving on my own terms cause I don't want to be a part of your shitty little clubhouse anymore. Fuck all your bullshit about what makes a "good" tattoo. I don't need a fucking forum to tell me my tattoos are shitty. I'm a fucking troll. Well guess what, motherfuckers? You couldn't cross my bridge with enough money to pay the toll ten times over. - - - Updated - - - Holy fuck, why am I not banned yet? Must I resort to childish name calling?
  8. I log in through facebook. When I'm not logged in, none of my posts show up, only the last person to have commented before me in a thread. Wasn't like that a few days ago. Wtf?
  9. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't get multiple tattoos from an artist that I couldn't connect with. I probably wouldn't even get one, considering that it's pretty normal (for me) to walk into a shop and try to talk to an artist about what I'm interested in getting. I can usually tell if the artist is personable. If they aren't, I'm getting the hell out of there and not going back. Sorry if this sounds like an "unfair expectation", but the artist's skill and quality of their work is not the only thing that counts with me. Getting a tattoo should be a memorable experience. Being uncomfortable with your artist can ruin that. I'd rather have an "ok" tattoo with a good memory attached to it than a great tattoo from someone I can't have a conversation with. If you can't have a conversation, then you either care too much about money and very little about anything else, or you're too busy to listen. Either one is no good to me.
  10. I'm suddenly a bit concerned lol. Right now where I live, jobs are scarce. I had an offer for full time, but it was too far to travel for the pay. They didn't care about my tattoos, the interviewer saw them and we talked about tattoos a bit. Then I had an interview at a temp agency for an order selector at a paint warehouse. They didn't say anything about my tattoos at all and asked to see my resume, but after I emailed it to them I did not hear back. Still, pretty sure it wasn't because of my tattoos. Now a grocery store has called me for an interview. Suddenly I'm concerned that they might take issue with my grim reaper because of how customers might feel about it. I kinda think it's stupid that I should worry about my tattoos holding me back from getting a job at a freaking grocery store, of all places. Pisses me off a little bit. I can wear long sleeves to cover my reaper, although I don't want to but I do need a job until I learn the skill that I'm working on and then I will have a career. I've had all kinds of factory jobs and never once worried about my tattoos. Now I'm scared to go to an interview at a grocery store, lol.
  11. 1, other forms of self-harm including incarceration? I mean yeah, incarceration isn't fun but it's not something most people do to themselves on purpose to hurt themselves or others. 2, I'm a christian and I have tattoos, including a grim reaper. I'm not one of the ones who shove it down people's throats and I don't judge anyone for how they believe or don't believe. But just...wow. I'm as offended as anyone else with tattoos would be, maybe more. I can't believe the person said they are little better than comic book drawings. I'm astounded in this day and age that someone could still have such a primitive ideology about tattoos. It's sad that people can still be so prejudiced and close minded about something as mainstream as tattooing.
  12. I have tattoos on both hands. My tattoo artist's assistant is also a hospice nurse. He provides hospice care for teens with developmental disabilities. He has a hand tattoo as well as other visible tattoos. And on that subject, a visible tattoo is a visible tattoo, on the hand, on the forearm, on the neck, etc. They also have several kinds of makeup which can cover tattoos. Hand tattoos are not socially acceptable? Maybe I don't understand the meaning of the word, but none of my family or friends has ever had a problem with me having tattoos on my hands. If they did, they never said anything, and to be honest I don't think it would bother me anyway. People don't stare at me like a freak of nature in public either. Perhaps what you may have meant was professionally unacceptable, to which I might agree because it might bother some people in the corporate world. Since I have no interest in the corporate world, again, don't care. I'm a blue collar guy, and no one at any job I've ever had has cared that I have tattoos on my hands. Of course, I am planning to change to a career where people would definitely be much more accepting of my tattoos, but that's neither here nor there. This is a tattoo forum, and for people that have their hands tattooed, it's something to talk about. Those who don't have or want hand tattoos are free to not join in the discussion.
  13. So let me get this straight. Making a joke makes me a troll. When I call people out for disrespecting me, that makes me a troll too? You know, a lot of gay men will make fun and call others gay because they are too scared to come out of the closet. Maybe that's sort of what's going on here? The troll calling the kettle black?
  14. Other forums I visit have a chat box. Gives people a chance to socialize openly, rather than discuss a single topic. It works best at the top of the home page.
  15. Back to the topic of discussion, does anyone have an actual opinion on the color contrast?
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