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  1. Its all good man. I got respect for anyone who has been tattooing longer than me so that's why I apologized. I blow tons of money on machines and supplies and that thread was just trying to find suggestions on what to try out next pretty much. However, I feel like I have to say that I do bust my ass non stop at what I do... and I am about 75% covered thus far. I put in my time everyday, and I hope I don't get viewed as some kid trying nag everyone for tips because that is not what Im trying to do.

  2. 1. People bringing their kids to the shop. Nothing pisses me off more. 2. People canceling the day of the appointment OR them "forgetting" they had an appointment. Thanks for the deposit and wasting my time. 3. Asking how much "a rose" is or how much "some letters" are or a how much a "medium tattoo" costs. Fucker, how much is a new car or a bag of groceries? I don't know! 4. Trying to get me to price match with other shops like Im Walmart. 5. Parents that bring their kids in to get tattooed, even though they dont approve, and act shitty to me when I do the tattoo. 6. When a client's friend is with them while getting tattooed and they tell their friend, "its almost done"... um... did i say it was? no... it isnt. 7. Clients who talk with their hands or keep moving their head fast when Im tattooing them. 8. Clients I dont know on a certain level that think Im their therapist. 9. People who think I love L.A. Ink. and "have to get a tattoo from Kat Von D before they die". 10. Clients that put their friend's opinion before their own. I was bitter towards people before becoming a tattooer from working retail... it only got worse. I could go on all day. Im really not an asshole.
  3. yeah id rather do that than a rib panel anyday. I HATE doing rib tattoos. such a pain in the ass haha same with behind the ear ones... so awkward.
  4. I guess I should probably post something since I just asked. I recently just started using liners from I've been a Lucky's man for a long time but a buddy let me try out some of the needlejig ones and I've never had a cleaner line in my life. I also recently started using machines from Joel Dodds. LOVE THEM. I've also been wanting to get one from Josh Ford. Tried his "smooth liner" and it was the jam. Hahaha also for like solid fill shit I picked up a Stigma Hyper rotary machine... it is so consistent and effortless.
  5. Im always curious about new gear, machines and supplies... has anyone been using anything new lately that they are really impressed with?
  6. yeah im constantly doing ribs tattoos on girls lately. dont do too many behind the ear ones though.
  7. thanks! cant wait to get this new set im doing done it is taking forever.
  8. Any suggestions where to take this? I was just going to do this with a super simple color scheme. Brown, red, light and navy blue, green, yellow. still have shading left too... he didnt want to work on the lower shit after the outline.
  9. Aight here is what I see... the hand looks off. like too small for the body. i might have done the fingers straightened out with the joint in between the fingers. i would have hid the boob behind the arm as well. the anatomy is just a little off here and there... nothing super bad. she defiantly has some junk in the trunk haha. try shading pinups out with light or diluted brown. or even flesh tone and light pink. i normally dont use black unless it would be a really dark shadow spot, and even then i dont use much at all. thats what i see.
  10. looks tight. im into it. might have done less line work in the wings since its fairly small, but it looks awesome!
  11. looks really solid. the only thing that looks off to me is lack of skin tone in the mask and leaves. i might have did some brown tones on the girls face too. solid though.
  12. thanks guys! @hambone, yeah i was debating on the dots in the dust clouds... co-worker talked me out of it haha. didnt think about the head being too small though. @Kevin, yeah i bust out that olive leaf stuff in a lot of tattoos and came accross some way older designs not to long ago and just thought id switch it up for a change. I got to find something new to use besides leafing and flowers to frame things in.
  13. I really didn't know what to post but I wanted to get the ball rolling for me. This was a piece I did last week. My buddy that helps me with my website came to me and wanted something to do with with "Bad Luck Good Speed". It is supposed to be "God Speed" but he didn't want anything religious and he considers himself to live in the fast lane. Haha. Anyways, I had a really hard time trying to think of something to do... what I finally came up with is a horse running away from a nuclear bomb strapped to his back. Kinda saying, you're fucked no matter how fast you run. Anyways... any thoughts, feedback or anything would be tight. Thanks!
  14. aight sounds like a plan. i was wondering what was up with that club section.