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  1. Yeah man feel free to ask your questions right here! The "newbie" rule is for new threads, no reason not to use a thread if it's there! :D Welcome
  2. I feel sort of bad for reanimating this thread but I just had to post this: I thought it would mean peace or faith or something, but it reads "wrist"
  3. I'm not super experienced but I don't think you can blame the artist for scabs >.> And it does seem like a lot of lotion.
  4. Thanks Graeme. I'll be careful and I'll keep thinking about how I can make this more workable within the limits of the medium. I'm sort of wary of letting someone else take the reigns because for me the details in a design are what give it meaning, but I also know that I'm no artist at all so my ideas might not be realistic or "good." I found a happy medium with my previous piece and I'm willing to wait as long as I need to until I can find it again. These forums are great because I can get more of an idea of what artists consider good or bad ideas, without having to hassle some guy all day long. Just looked at your gallery, that's a pretty sweet raven.
  5. Good to hear from you Sstu. This is just the concept, the idea would be to have as much detail as possible. The beauty of a fractal is you only render what you can see. I agree four inches is a little tight, though. (I'm trying to talk myself into thinking bigger!) Say that I get it big enough to include as much detail as I and the artist want; do you guys have an opinion on the longevity of such finely detailed pieces? I've seen a lot of "bold will hold" floating around. For example, something with this amount of detail and elegance is very attractive to me but I worry how well it will hold up under normal wear-and-tear. Does anyone have any examples of this style after a few years or decades? Or is it pretty new?
  6. I'm Steve. Currently 23 and living in the Southeast USA. I got my first tattoo just over a year ago at Tattoo Bill's in Charlotte, NC. I'm very, VERY particular about marking my skin, and I love tattoos that have deep meaning. This means I like to really ponder over cool designs, what they mean to me, and if it's something that will describe me in 30, 60, or 90 (ayyy!) years. I also prefer to keep most of my skin clean; I want my art to be a pleasant surprise for people, not to be the first thing they notice about me. Therefore I don't plan on getting many pieces over the course of my life (though of course I'm willing to change my mind.) That being said, I LOVE my tattoo (it's a heart with some lettering) and I'm currently playing around with the idea of a second. Even though I'm not super stoked to collect a lot of art, I seriously enjoy looking at and asking people about theirs. It's a fun way to learn how people think. I never really had a favorite artist or style, but recently I've been quite taken with Dr. Woo and Thomas Hooper's geometric designs. I studied Physics in college and I strive to make God the center of my life; the ideas that proceed from this combination tend to be a bit harebrained. Currently I have an idea that involves a lot of precise lines and circles. I've attached a plot of the basic pattern I'm looking for. I probably wouldn't want it more than 4-5 inches tall, but I know that severely limits the potential for detail. My limited knowledge from reading this board and Google images says that I'm looking for something like Dr. Woo's single needle work. Questions for you: Is my assessment of the style accurate? Are there other artists who use this style that I should know about? Is single-needle work a good investment? Honestly I love the way it can look but I'm worried that it won't last long. Should I try to go bolder? Does anyone have any pieces that are similar to this? What do they mean to you? Nice to meet you all.
  7. It is "stark" though I wouldn't say it's harsh. Obviously it's your call but since you're asking for opinions, I think it's very feminine and quite pretty. I was a bit iffy about some of the details of my first (and only) tattoo but I've learned to love it and its imperfections. You will too! Do you have a healed picture?