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  1. Here's my observation: First: It's T.V. so surely it will be edited and somewhat scripted so that it will be appealing to many types of viewers. Second: There will be valued members of the tattoo community as well as a few not so well known tattooers on the show. Third: If you are looking for something to get out of the show other than what it is designed to be, I'm sure you will be disappointed. So, if you decide to watch the show, great. If not, so be it. Nothing wrong with it either way. The simple fact that there are many tattoo related shows on T.V. now and then has the tattoo community and the general public frequently discussing the pro's and con's of both sides of this issue. So my take on this is as long as there is and interest, there will be shows and big business making money with advertising and such. So what. The B side is that it also generates exposure to our industry (good and bad) which generates more clients which in turn equals more money for us as tattooers. The traditions of our industry are being changed but not lost. If you stay true to your own personal beliefs and practices regarding our industry then you are doing your part to keep the values alive. Never let someone else change who you are. Be the best YOU can be and continue to grow everyday and better your craft and ability to provide a quality produst and good service and you yourself will succeed in what ever you do. So in closing I believe there are valid points to both sides of the commercialized tattooing epidemic. I simply say use it to your advantage and move forward. No one is holding a gun to your head and saying watch the show or conform to the present depiction of our industry on T.V. I plan to start everyday the same. I wake up spend some time with my wife and kids and then head into the shop to paint, draw and do my best to improve my skills as a tattooer and learn a little more everyday. I can live with that. So no matter which side you may be on, remember one thing, you have to give respect to get it. Jay
  2. I saw the video of him getting them tattooed. He's a winner.
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