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  1. I am still a newb and cant start threads. I wouldnt know where to put it anyway. For you lucky people in Melbourne here is an event you might like. This festivals name and agenda are right up my ally. Bummed I can not get there. Rites of Passage 2012 | Tattoo Convention & Arts Festival
  2. For some reason I can not blog. I would like to blog my findings regarding people that tattoo for tribal or spiritual purposes in modern times. I like tattoos for their fetish, commemorative and decorative aspects just like anyone else however I love them because they are ritualistic.

    I get to hang around a tattoo studio occasionally and recently met a young person who's grandmother is from a mountain tribe in Papua New Guinea. Royalty in her village. The grandmother (I got to see the pics too) is well covered in tattoos. One of the tattoos was to say she was married and the V neck back and front was a sign of fidelity. Most of her tattoos were installed down at their beach when the men were out to sea. They believe that if she lay still while being tattooed she would keep the sea calm so the men would have a safe fishing journey. If she flinched there would be a storm.

    I love stories like this. I would love to find books dedicated to this topic if anyone knows of any.

  3. Thanks for the reminder hogg. I didnt think, I didnt realize I was asking a question breaking the rules. It was a safety question in my head however I see now its a trade question too. Yes I do like it here. I have a list of tattoos stacking up in my head. I have been hanging around a couple studios as much as I can without being a bad smell. I feel rude asking, like I am questioning their art or skill.... guess I will have to get over that and ask directly. Yes, I am missing out... I forget what the burn is like... :-( Cheers
  4. Hi, I found this story of whats happening in my home town and came to LST to see if there are similar stories.... sorry to read there are. Sydney hoteliers move to ban patrons with visible tattoos | thetelegraph.com.au
  5. Hi, Quick question for the tattooists here regarding health concerns please. This thread looked apt to ask here... hope so! 20 seconds into this clip this man shows how to clean a machine and get it ready. Is this common practice? Video: How to Clean a Tattoo Machine | eHow.com
  6. Answer to self and anyone else who is interested in The Viking period answer re tattoos.

    The source to research this is... Ahmed Ibn Fadlin.

    Getting there... it would be great if someone was already an expert in this to ask.

  7. Agreed! No question in my mind. The things I see never cease to amaze me. I dont know which thread to share this link ... hope here is ok. Check out the stupid choices in this clip of a home tattoo removal. Rednecks Remove a Tattoo With a Knife - Mental Zero - Extreme Videos hope that worked. Cheers El
  8. Hi to any visitors that come to my page. Can you help?

    I am seeking any information I can about Viking period tattooing. Year 200 to 800 however anything regarded as Viking or anything from Europe year 200 -1200. I have not found much so far... An Edda that mentions how striking the Vikings were including all their tattoos. Thats it so far.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  9. I had so many laughs reading this thread. I am in Australia so I need to hunt around for the rest of the series.
  10. That would be great. Still looking for the traditional and spiritual threads I saw the other day.
  11. Thanks for the welcome Lochlan, Thanks for the positivity too I am sure I can find a good one if I look in other places. Decided a while ago that I should search for someone who does snakes well rather than waiting any longer to try and find a shamanic tattooist. I was hoping to get to Surf n Ink this weekend to talk to a guy I found on line however alas this journey did not happen. Here is the tattoo of Jeremy Cook's that I liked. Tattoos El
  12. Hi, I have found a few threads I am interested in so its time to un lurk before I go chat so....... a quick g'day to all from Queensland Australia. I am 42yr old mum of two grown young men. I found LST via You Tube and have watched some of the interviews, I will get to them all though. It was great to hear about their beginnings... I had some good belly laughs. I am mostly a clean skin for a few reasons one being I love the combination of clean skin and well placed large pieces whether they are ritualistic or arty. My most desired tattoos have a spiritual base so I have been in and out of quite a few tattoo studios looking for the right feel as well as seeking the right tattooist as far as skill goes too. Long story short I have progressed from thinking I would love to tattoo to knowing I do. I am a green tattooist who wants to focus on developing the ritualistic side of tattooing for myself and others who are like-minded regarding ritualising tattoos. I would love an apprenticeship in a busy studio however I live semi rural so the journey is slow working out things like that (I only mention that so you know where I am at re intro and will not mention the 'still needing training again' :P). I have been looking for others interested in ritualising and the spiritual purpose tattooing also has. El.
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