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    I've been Tattooing since 99 all over the West Coast of the United states.
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    Rancho Cucamonga, but I work in Pasadena
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    Tattoing, collecting tattoo related junk, Gardening.
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  1. Really, lets talk some more. I've been talking about going back to art school or at the very least take some classes for some outside the tattoo shop inspiration and to break up the repetition of art for me on a daily basis. I'm going to Guatemala on wed and I'll be back nov 8th. We definitely gotta meet up.

  2. I truly will... I'm about to basically start art school well kind of... Painting with non tattooers Oils with one person Acrylics with 2 others... See you real soon... Tons of ideas...

  3. Dear Zach,

    why must you follow me everywhere i go?

    First up the street, now in the same room as me. And now your on here too.

    creepy sir, just creepy.

  4. Oh cool thanks. I only worked there for a few months before moving to Idle Hand. Nice to meet you. Where you working now?
  5. Yeah, I've been super unmotivated and uninspired for some time. I'm confident my new digs and the people I'll be surrounding myself with will help me get out of this rut. Come by and inspire me, get some coffee or something. Take care.

  6. Right on... I am glad for you... I'll try to swing by in the next few weeks... Trying to stay motivated and inspired... I think I've finally hit the point of just creating... Nothing more nothing less... So see you soon...

  7. Hey dude! Hope all is well. I just move over to Incognito Tattoo and I'm super stoked.

  8. Zachary Johnson


    I love this one , got to do it too.
  9. I was decorating my new station and I was putting up the coffin you made me, and it made me think of you. Fucks, been years.

  10. I wear a wrist guard and a tennis elbow brace whenever I'm not Tattooing, if I slack off or forget it I'm in agonizing pain.
  11. I didn't know you were in New York. I was just there a few weeks ago, I should of come by and we could of shared a few moments of awkward silence together. Hope all is good with you.
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