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    Hi, My name is Tina Poe. I've traveled a lot and lived in a few countries before settling down in Austin, TX. Background in fine art, illustration, user experience design, and business. Own a tattoo studio with my husband, called Moon Tattoo.
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    Austin, TX
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    fine art, gardening, kayaking, hiking
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    Shop Owner
  1. Moontattoo


    For me, if I am well rested, as relaxed as possible, well hydrated with water, and well fed, something nutritious, an hour before the tattoo seems to go easier. I like early morning appointments instead of late in the day since I would not have spent my energy early. Don't stress about the placement, the pain is momentary, and you'll have a beautiful piece of art forever! Ask your artist what they recommend for keeping clean in the airplane and airport. Some artists recommend keeping it wrapped longer, or cleaning frequently. See what they say. I hope you enjoy your trip and your first tatto
  2. Moon Tattoo A custom studio opening to the public April 2, 2016 1736 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757 Starting out on April 2nd with tattoo artist David Poe, best way to contact him and book appointments is directly through his website. We are also looking to add artists, booth rental model to give you the freedom of managing your own clients and schedule! Contact me through the Moon website. :D Thanks, Tina Poe
  3. David Poe does sketchy tattoos, as well as a lot of tighter line work style.
  4. Moontattoo


    Are you thinking of having them fixed or covered or open to both? I'd love to see pictures of what you have!
  5. I have my upper front thighs done, all black, a mermaid, a heart, lots of bones.
  6. Lots of beautiful imagery you could pull from a sad oracle priestess! You could go all black and ornate inspired by the illustrations of Aubrey Beardsley, full color and painterly, and many other styles in between.
  7. I really like your girl with the owl headdress!
  8. What kind of styles are you drawn to?
  9. A similar rash happened to my first tattoo, I found out that I was allergic to Lanolin which is an ingredient in a lot of lotions and creams. Mine went away a few days after I stopped using the lotion that had it. I hope your rash clears up soon!
  10. Hi! My name is Tina Poe. My background is in fine art, illustration, user experience design, branding, and design strategy. I own and manage a new tattoo studio with my husband (David Poe), it's called Moon Tattoo. I'm also starting to learn tattooing so that I can get back to creating artwork all the time, I'll keep my portfolio updated! Here is one of my favorite tattoos on my thigh that my husband did for me. Nice to meet you all!
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