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  1. Hello all Im looking for some helpful opinions...Im looking into buying new tattoo machines and Ive narrowed my search down to two builders, FK Irons or Next Generation. Im undecided so tell me which you would choose and why. Thanks.
  2. Lol. Tim Hendricks is awesome though. Did you know he builds machines? Funny watching Montaya mess around too.
  3. Definately Dave. I believe in not over charging for work but still the folks that go to the shop down the street just because "its" cheaper will regret it in the end.
  4. Where I live there are a bunch of new shops opening up literally around the corner from each other then trying to build their clientel by simply trashing the other shops nearby. Its pitiful. A great artist work will speak for itself.
  5. Yeah I havent been able to catch on the that one but I must admit (head down) that I watch Ami make an ass out of himself on NY Ink. Lol.
  6. Wow thats harsh. So why dont you like their machines?
  7. Hey Jinx since you are a builder I have a question for you....Im looking into buying my first aluminum machines and Ive narrowed the search down to FK Irons or Next Generation. Which would you choose?
  8. Definately agree with the last post...tattooing should be a full time thing. Put your heart and soul into it. Because the art you put on some lasts the rest of their life. But at the same time dont get greedy and think of yourself as a rockstar. All we do is tattoo.
  9. As a machine builder I want to ask your opinion....Im looking into buying my first aluminum machines...Ive narrowed my search down to two builders. FK Irons and Next Generation. Which machine would you go with?
  10. Howdy. Im a newbie too. Lol.
  11. Hi Im preparing to purchase some new aluminum machines yet I cant decide between Next Gen and FK. Which would you choose?
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