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  1. Where are you from and what tattoo style do you see the most often? I'm north west England and I see either b & g or American traditional.
  2. Those tattoos are awesome man I love it! Thanks for the information very helpful. Right now I keep swaying from color illustrative/realism, neo traditional, and modern Japanese. (I love the idea of symmetry and a style flowing through your whole body and since I know once I start getting some tattoos I will be working towards a full body suit someday most likely since their addictive and I've always loved them so Japanese appeals to me in many ways).I pretty much just love vibrant colors so that's why I'm considering all those 3. - - - Updated - - - Those tattoos are awesome man I love i
  3. Sorry buddy, fixed them now - - - Updated - - - Sorry buddy, fixed them now
  4. I'm not very experienced with this and I was hoping some of you could enlighten me. Nowadays a lot of VERY good artists seem to be doing mostly realistic, detailed and intricate tattoos that look amazing fresh and healed. But will they look good 10, 20, 30 years down the road? (I know all tattoos fade and move even traditional ones, but they still seem to look very good after many years). I assume these kind of tattoos will last and won't look like shit after 20 years otherwise all these top name artists wouldn't be doing them, right? Are they fine as long as you have black shading nearby?
  5. Whats your opinion on this? Just curious :) I mostly mean people that wear them just for the art and have no connections or meaning towards the Japanese culture, they just like the look of them.
  6. Impressive work man bet u love it!
  7. Never thought of that good point, i'll consider that
  8. I'd say go for the full sleeve, honestly
  9. My parents never liked them but grew to the idea eventually, they don't realise im going for a full body suit though
  10. Its your body, but always be honest
  11. I like things to flow and plan my body parts out in advance
  12. Ive never liked my nipples so they will go one day ;)
  13. Im Oliver, im 23 and I'm here to get more knowledge about tattoos!
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