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  1. Thanks guys! BTW your opinions, bad or good is greatly appreciated because I'm curious to how others think when they see it. I like it of course but seriously be honest. Here are some healed ones before the touch up session next week.
  2. Hey we finished our tattoos on the same day brother and on the chest as well! From the original picture that thing looks gnarly!! Can't wait to see the finished product
  3. Artist is https://www.instagram.com/woodzart/ Thank you!
  4. Hey guys it's been quite a process getting this one covered up but it's close to the end... No laser Credz to Woodzart https://www.instagram.com/woodzart/ Check out his stuff, he does great work.
  5. Hello, welcome! I get positive vibes from you mate
  6. Pics Pics!! Welcome to LST! Love that your ambitious about getting your next tat already mate!
  7. Welcome, welcome. Would love to visit one day!
  8. That is a sick sleeve mate, love the octopus!!
  9. I think that tattoo looks rad man, congrats on your first bud!
  10. Thank you all for your replies. @Margarita Yaschenko I've found an artist and hope he can be the one to do this job right :) @MarvelAvengers That was very informative and awesome tattoo mate; where is the hulk? xD @cltattooing What did you have in mind? @Tornado6 It wouldn't bother me too much. @marley mission Thanks brother, but I've been dissatisfied with these tats for 5 years. I finally have the motivation to get it fixed. I just hope I found the best artist I could.
  11. Hello awesome people of LST. My name is Mario and I have a question that I need to ask. I am looking to fix up both of my old tattoos and possibly cover it up with a new design. I just wanted to ask, what are my chances of getting this done successfully? It's not a real small piece so I do not know how difficult it might be and I just want some thoughts before I consult with some artists. Thanks a lot and have a fantastic day.
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