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  1. Honestly, all of them were girls. I remember that one of such tattoos was like matching mother-daughter tattoo. And the daughter appreciates this tattoo more than all others. And another time it was a cool tiny guitar. This is from what I remember) And they had big tattoos too - not two tiny)
  2. I like such tattoos, because they are funny and cute, but I don't have anything like this yet. And it's strange but many times when I asked people about their favorite tattoo it turned out it was the smallest. Anyway, it's always really easy to cover it up:))))
  3. I have a friend with one hand poked tattoo and maybe the artist wasn't good, cause if you take a closer look - line consists of a lot of several dots. That's why I think this method is good only for dotwork style. I don't have a photo, sorry.
  4. And there are only ankles and heels left) and calfs
  5. Oh yeah! She is the best! Search for Ester Garcia and Alice Kendall, they are also good at botanical tattoos, but no so elegant and minimalistic, but I think they can do something similar.
  6. Get it if you like tattoos in this style. It's sweet and funny, I like the colors. But, for me, it's a little childly. And it's hard to choose placement for this tattoo, cause it doesn't need to be big. IIMHO ankle is the best option.
  7. Wow! They have really amazing works!
  8. I like Japanese tattoos by Nicklas Westin, search for him, he's amazing. And about yours design - it isn't Celtic and it isn't Japanese, for my taste it is too simple, there have to be deeper and darker colors, and maybe more elements, cause it looks unfinished.
  9. I am dreaming about getting sleeve inmehndi style, but real tattoo. Like this
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