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  1. Woppy

    Hustle Butter?

    Another question. If a tattoos old. Like over 6 months. Will using scented body butter for hydration at all affect the look over a long period of use? I have one tattoo that's about 1 and a half years old and I just started using a Coco/shea body butter on it. Lots of scent in the body butter.
  2. Woppy

    Hustle Butter?

    Thanks for translating lol. Yeah, I understand less is more with some lotions and I typically apply a small quarter size worth of lotion to my half sleeve. Thanks the the answers guys
  3. Woppy

    Hustle Butter?

    I no understand
  4. Woppy

    Hustle Butter?

    Hi. i have several tattoos and ive always applied a small amount of unscented lotion to them twice a day. once in the morning after my shower and once before bed. I came across hustle butter and i understand that its a very popular lotion for tattoos. i found it on amazon.ca for 35$ for 5 ounces but theres a tattoo supply store near my place selling it for 25$ for 5 ounces. should i use hustle butter as a regular moisturizer for ever on my already healed tattoos? or is it primarily used for the healing process? i want my tattoos to look as fresh for as long as possible but dont know if i should spend money on an expensive tattoo lotion like hustle butter or just stick with aveeno lotion which is much cheaper. so is hustle butter mainly used for short term aftercare on a new tattoo or can it also be used as a regular lotion to moisturize old tattoos?
  5. Woppy


    Hello. Over a very long period of time, like ten years, will scented products gradually fade a tattoo more than if I went unscented 100% for ever? I'm contimplating using scent free lotion, scent free sunscreen, and scent free body wash to maintain my sleeve tattoo.
  6. Maybe add something around the butterflys. Plants? Flowers? Make the Smokey stuff more well defined? I'd add flowers around them but it's up to you.
  7. I live in Windsor Ontario. I had it done at a tattoo shop called advanced tattoo and the artists name is Arron. And ty ty for the compliments! The whole half sleeve cost about 800$
  8. https://ibb.co/hGZWUv This is my new tattoo that I just got done yesterday. It's not complete yet. I still need another 30 minutes to finish the top left corner. What do you guys think about this piece overall? Anything I could suggest to my artist when I finish it up next month?