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    Hey there

    Oh about researching aftercare - I've gotten such mixed reviews. Most tattoo artists are on the "do exactly what your artist says" train, but a lot of people comment about bad experiences when following what their artist says. Would you guys recommend researching after-care and following what the internet says or just sticking to the tattooer's guidelines? Thanks so much for all of the warm welcomes everyone! It's lovely to feel welcome :))
  2. illu

    Hey there

    Hi! I'm Kat. I actually don't have any tattoos yet but have been wandering around this forum for a while, seeing what everyone else had to say about their own experiences. I thought I'd finally join and post because I'm in the planning stages of getting my first tattoo and want some advice from people who are way more experienced than I am. Hope it's okay that I'm posting stuff before even having a first tattoo, you just seemed like the most knowledgeable community out there and so the perfect place to turn to. Looking forward to getting to know all of you awesome people.