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  1. I use coconut oil for moistuzing all year long. Get the refined kind if scent is an issue. When my skin is —really— dry I use Palmers Cocoa Butter. It has a distinct cocoa scent, though, so that may not be an option for you. However, it’s one of the few lotions that doesn’t make my skin itch or burn AND it’s cheap. Edited to add: I am fairly certain that I’m allergic to lanolin, which is what’s causing the itching and burning mentioned above. I also get a remarkable red rash from wool socks!
  2. @Surface sorry for the long delay! I felt GREAT the day after and have been so happy with it since. I wasn’t too nervous the days leading up to getting it, it was the “day of” that was really bad. I also realized that a big part of my anxiety was just not knowing what was going to happen AND worrying about healing...like what if I didn’t do the aftercare right and it got messed up? But, it healed really well, and now I know what to expect next time. In general my anxiety goes way down after I do something for the first time, because I know what to expect. I think the next big hurdle for
  3. A very concrete note: Some supplements can, like prescription blood thinners, affect bleeding and clotting. High doses of Vitamin E may cause people to bleed more freely. Also, some, like St. John’s Wort, affect sun sensitivity. I suspect that whatever changes happen in the skin from SJW could also affect tattoo healing.
  4. It seems like you’ve made your decision, but just wanted to chime in as someone else with GAD. I’ve wanfed a tattoo for years. Finally I knew what I wanted, and I put down a deposit. I was nervous as hell the day before. But, about an hour before the appointment, I realized that this is a transition (no tattoo to having a tattoo) and being nervous is NORMAL. I’ve had a number of body piercings in the past but those were easily removed. Of course I’d be nervous about this. Once I got to the shop, I felt totally calm. I figured that was the most important thing. I trust my artist and felt
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