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  1. Thanks everyone. I am very happy with it - I had a few moments of “oh shit” after getting a visible one, but it’s special to me. Thanks for the advice and reassurance.
  2. @SStu thanks 🙂 this is a good exercise in learning how to chill the hell out.
  3. Hi everyone - Yesterday I got my first visible tattoo, on my inner bicep. It was a big deal for me, and now that I have it, I feel like I’m nitpicking it apart. I know that it’s still healing (and will be for several weeks), but I’m already worried that there is blowout around two letters. The tattoo itself is a sample of my grandparents’ handwriting. Is this just a normal part of the healing process? And/or should my expectation not be that it’s perfect in this placement? Thanks everyone -A
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