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  1. Not my design, but I redrew it to my style with my twist on it
  2. Ship tattoo I did
  3. InkByEric

    Eagle tattoo

    Eagle and ship tattoo I did
  4. InkByEric

    traditional flash

    Flash I painted
  5. InkByEric

    traditional flash

    My first flash I painted
  6. InkByEric

    grenade tattoo

    Tattoo I did on Friday 13th
  7. Couple skulls I have done. :) IMG_20120425_164628 by asilaydyingxxx, on Flickr 20120417210513388 by asilaydyingxxx, on Flickr
  8. IMG_20120422_183127 by asilaydyingxxx, on Flickr IMG_20120424_150559 by asilaydyingxxx, on Flickr A little bit of painting I did recently :)
  9. Basically, its like this. Go try to color on a black piece of construction paper. Not gonna happen. Our skin is like a sheet of paper.
  10. My name is Eric and I have been tattooing professionally for 4 months. I love my career and am looking forward to what the future holds :)
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