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  1. Welcome. Which kind of advice are you looking for? Regarding to what?
  2. Welcome. Which style are you looking to go for?
  3. Good piece but like some people say. It could use some more contrast. It looks kind of light from here but again it could be the picture or the camera you used.
  4. Welcome. Not sure what your tattoo are but they look cool from this view
  5. 2 weeks is not enough time. Your tattoo is still healing and if I was you I would keep it out of the sun for another 2 weeks. Let it heal good.
  6. Remember a tattoo is an open wound. Those part that it looks like it's missing ink you won't know until its fully heal. Just wait 2 or 3 weeks and the real color of your tattoo will show up. It looks fine to me just try to keep clean and lotion on it.
  7. It looks like he when too deep. It could be infected.
  8. You gonna need something heavy on contrast to fill that in. Like someone else said angel and demon seem like a good idea. But its gonna take some work