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  1. so its improving slowly, didnt see a doctor afterall , ill get pics in a few days no idea what happened though life is a mistery
  2. tsuk


    sorry but i dont even see what you re talking about if i cant see it most people wont see it either so theres nothing to worry about i m sure you ll get over it i wouldnt take Advil at all after getting a tattoo, there is zero reason for it
  3. tsuk

    Muscle gain

    or even more importantly the anabolic steroids 🥳 to the op, your forearm wont grow that much dont worry
  4. not healing well at all some more ink has fallen and it is red underneath no itching whatsoever probably taking an appoitement to a dermatologist
  5. Alright thanks guys i really appreciate you both taking the time to answer those type of questions im sure youve answered a lot already i ll let you know how it goes
  6. thanks, well worst case it ll need a touch up right ? I mean is there anything a touch up cant fix here ? sorry about the newbies questions
  7. hey guys the color on the pectoral isnt healing very well and theres a lot (to me) of color loss im sure a touch up can fix it, but do you have any idea what i could be doing wrong or is this just bad luck ? heres the picture, the other blue line under has been tatoued the same day
  8. tsuk

    New Tat Question

    I personnaly wouldnt mind about having the tattoo s autor initials on me, even tho hes pretty unknown, actually considered about asking him to do it I would be pissed off to no limits should an artist do it without my consent tho
  9. I Ill share my experience as far as healing went : went the exact same way for the 4 sessions scabbing from day 2 to day 5 then a bit of peeling looks "healed" a week after, still a bit blurry, then it improves over time i washed twice a day and applied lotion after showering some color part didnt hold that good and some really healed perfectly the black traits held perfectly fine appart from 4 small lines for some reason : P Nothing a touch up cant correct i m sure I ll post a pic in 2 weeks of the whole thing Take care
  10. hey, thanks a lot talked to the artist and he talked about a week actually so that's good news! We just did part of the pec today and finished the shoulder, i'll post pics later. A bit disapointed we really didnt do much today, but the pain on pec was intolerable honestly so artist had to be a bit slower than usual
  11. Hey guys Tomorow is the last session before artist goes in vacation for a month How long do you usually wait before working out after a tattoo ? Artist said the longer the better, i m looking at 2 weeks of rest before working out, is that too much or not enough ?
  12. tsuk


    Im a doctor See a doctor Its your health tho cant force people to be concerned about their health Take care : )
  13. tsuk


    Yes, doctor : )
  14. 4 th session done Some lines dont look straight its because of the muscle underneath