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  1. I do feel however below the wings seems a bit plain and empty compared to how dark all of the outside of my chest looks, hopefully it heals well and I can see the true colors soon however for now it looks like I may be adding some small angel silhouettes under the wings or something
  2. Haha thanks! And today took about 4/5 hours so all together it was 8/9 hours for the whole chest piece. I’d say the middle part was the worst to be honest but the nipple area was kinda sore too
  3. Switched it up slightly so the clouds were on the outside - I’ll update once healed too
  4. Thanks guys I’ll try to respond to this thread once it’s done 👍 (July 10th)
  5. 6 hours yes, the eagle alone was about 3-4 hours and I was just about able to sit through that 😂 the Main struggle was the centre but I think I’ll be fine for the rest
  6. Hi, I have recently gotten this eagle done and was wondering what else you think I should get around it to finish off the chest piece? i have a full day appointment next week and the plan is to get the eagle bursting through some clouds with the heavens gates above the head, and the steps below the feet - the rest of the outside being just sunrays etc. anyway, is there something you guys think would be better? thanks
  7. I think the best thing is to turn it into either horns on something demonic and if you’re against that then maybe some sort of bull