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    Tattooer in Conway, SC at Hero Tattoo and proud to be a part of my families at work and home...
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    South Carolina
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    Enjoy work, painting, listening to music, and travelling around. I'm a very lucky guy
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  1. A few of us from our shop in South Carolina came out for the SFO show this year and what hospitality! Got a crazy psychotic Ren from Ren & Stimpy on my outer calf by Jeff Rassier after a discussion about the show and animation. Great tattooer and a great experience all weekend! Scott and everyone at Black Heart were very open and made us feel at home. That shop is full of top tattooers who are also incredibly down to earth...an amazing combo
  2. Full arm panda tattoo
  3. Flowers and beach scene. Tribal armband coverup in leaves
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