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  1. I didnt show you guys how I healed it lol I fucked it up. Got cocky and it got infected and removed the ink and has gone all blurry. Remis said he can fix it but I am not sure. Pics below! From this to this to this now
  2. Thanks you everyone, I totally love it! The sternum was an 8 of 10 pain wise wasn't pleasant the nipple was a 10 on a mans scale of pain lol but it only lasted like 10 mins... First day we did only 6 hours as we spent like 4 hours perfecting the picture and stencils and by 6 hours of work it was 1am and my Mrs had had enough so we called it. Second day 14 hours! I am considering lasering y Remis piece as letting carlos do my whole front, we have some great ideas for it and the Remis piece just doesn't fit in
  3. Nipple is gone, 14 hours planned for today:)
  4. I have driven to Paris today. I have 2 days back to back with Carlos again starting tomorrow on continuing ribs. I am hoping for at least 2 x 10 hour+ sessions but may go longer if we can.
  5. I wasn't trying to break any records lol he is very light handed and I am ok with pain except for my thighs, those seem to be my weak spot. Did 9 hours few weeks back on thigh and at then end was shaking cold had to get a blanket lol We did around 13 hours had a couple of hours break and carried on for 6 more:)
  6. Thanks! I probably wont even be alive in 20 years lol live for today anything can happen :)
  7. While I was in Germany for Carlos not so long ago Dmitriy Samohin was there also so he had the chance to finally take shots he wanted of the whole sleeve healed. I am guessing he didn't want to touch contrast or anything to show how its healed so they are raw shots with nothing added :) Here they are for who is interested in professional shots rather than my own shit ones :)
  8. I totally agree with you mate but there is a saying here in the UK " you can't educate a cunt" I have friends who really do not give a shit about the tattoo art itself just so long as they have a tattoo and it is as cheap as possible.
  9. @Victor, that's my point at least this way the government can keep some sort of tabs on the health and safety part of it, they don't give a shit whether the artist is any good or not. Stricter laws on training perhaps? Try becoming a nurse. you will see governing bodies where you must pass to become one. Try practising as a doctor or a plastic surgeon without the proper governing bodies, you end up in prison. A shit tattoo doesn't harm anyone, a shit tattoo artist hurts people and this is where I say much stricter laws are needed. As I said this would probably drive the underground culture of shitcunts even further away from Health and Safety. Trying to educate the whole world is a tough thing to do and I will be right behind you on that but it is impossible. I am trying with my map to at least help some people who are trying to research. The tattoo world is exploding and I think researching is becoming easier and easier. There was nothing online when I was trying to research great artists. I joined a Ukrainian forum and paid taxi drivers from this forum to try and find out Dmitriys contact details before he was as famous as now. So it takes some dedication also on the customer to get the best, sadly there will always be people who will walk in to a shop and ask for a cat paw behind their ear with a shit word underneath it and when they are told £60 minimum, they walk out mumbling under their breath "What for a fucking small tattoo like that" (I watched this happen with my own eyes in a reputable shop and while there at least 4 more girls came in asking for similar crap, one was 16 and with her mum to sign the documents to allow it:)
  10. There should be much stricter laws on tattoo shops although this would also drive the shit work and scratchers underground in which case the authorities have an even harder time to at least enforce the health and safety standards as above board on tattooing.
  11. You get one life. Enjoy it, stop worrying about other people's lives and try not to be a socially brainwashed robot on a hidden law on how you should live. There is no rule book!
  12. I am a little aprhensive but would like to buy it but the person being from Thailand which is a little prejudice on my part is because obviously there is a massive counterfeit market in Thailand:)
  13. Found this on Etsy, real? What do you think of it?
  14. Thank you mate and yes I am not angry at all, shit happens :) - - - Updated - - - I agree, I think that picture needed a flat surface to show it properly but we live and learn. :)
  15. Just an update, I am joining the noob laser people lol I hate this tattoo, looks like a blob of shit so its going :) I guess I have to experience all aspects of the tattoo world :)
  16. Oh most definitely! Something I am not looking forward to to be honest :( - - - Updated - - - haha they were clean when I put them on, its walking around the shop in socks :P - - - Updated - - - Wow man both awesome, I specially love the panther, reminds me of the old school days and if it fitted together with what I have I would definitely have one!
  17. Artist David Corden! We have tried something completely different work wise, totally out of mine and Davids comfort zones, it may not work but we tried for something different lol Brutally honest opinions chaps and girls lol we went for scribbly textured arty fartty style lol. We need to do more shading down the inside of the leg still and David said once its settled down we should see lots of textures. 10 hours on this and we still need to add more shading as its swollen really bad at the moment. What do you think?
  18. Sam from Silver needles, What a lovely girl One of the nicest and genuine people I have met, 9 hours on this today:) its very swollen at the moment!