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  1. For your information, I change the plastic wrap after washing thoroughly, twice a day, with a 2-3 hour air our period to led the surrounding skin get a break from the Tattoo healing protocol.
  2. First of all this topic of discussion is the Tattoo Style decision tree. I presented this Tattoo Style Decision Tree, for discussion no different then showing a picture of a Filip Lue Full body suit tattoo to talk about and discuss. Constructive criticism was expected, not this bullshit. I personally think it is a great idea to help newbees and newcomers and even the experienced to understand the difference in tattoo styles. I know it really helped me. Not everyone wants Oldschool Illustration designs, this is 2014 and there is a lot on the menu, for what is available as tattoo art, so this is a great tool to help people define what they want and then find the right artist to apply it. Not many years ago there were no options regarding Tattoo styles, now there are many. I have never seen anyone else try this method of client education and I think they deserve respect and credit for giving it a go despite minor grammatical or spelling issues. If you feel strongly enough about it, write to them and provide your cleaned up version and they may make the changes that makes everyone happy. Any criticisms of the authors website is completely off topic and should be directed at them which again has nothing to the do with the Tattoo decision tree, why are you even talking about this? I am disgusted at all the ad hominum attacks that are occurring here. Attacking the person who is saying something is not constructive to a dialogue on a subject. What I do in my personal life is none of your fucking business, I am here to discuss tattoos and related subjects not justify my points of view by collateral information which is off topic. Accusing the authors of this Tattoo decision tree of anything that you know nothing about is shameful. There are group of shitty local Tattooers in the area who have created a campaign to discredit and destroy the reputation of the Halifax Tattoo Machine because they (the shitty Tattooers) cannot compete where it counts, which is providing quality Tattoo work, so instead they started a campaign of cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment. They are accusing the Halifax Tattoo Machine of fraud because the Halifax Tattoo Machine requires a deposit before beginning custom Tattoo designs and they use pseudonyms. Nothing more. So if requesting a deposit before beginning hours of design for a tattoo project is fraud (which it is not) then any custom tattooer with self respect is equally guilty. Secondly there is nothing wrong with using a pseudonym, if so Grime and Bugs and many others would be guilty of Fraud also. If you do not know what cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment, libel, slander and a pseudonym is then follow this link: Cyberstalking – Cyberharassment – Cyberbullying | HFX Tattoo Monster(s) – The Cyberbullying Gang There is no substance to these false accusations. I could pick any one of you and accuse you of being a violent convicted Rapist and Child molester, that does not make it so, I could post all over the internet on Facebook, Twitter, Google Forums, this forum and 20 other places and it still does not make a false accusation any more true, despite the Google search which would pull up those results. You should be ashamed of yourselves and remove your damaging libelous comments. Have any one of you been personally a victim of fraud from these people? if not then Fuck Off and remove your comments. Scott Sylvia himself was the victim of a slanderous article in Skin and Ink Magazine, which damaged his personal and professional reputation, which is one of the reasons this forum exists today. Despite claiming to be innocent of the false quotes, to this day people avoid the poor guy and won't associate with him despite his innocence. Spreading slanderous false accusations against a professional, especially in this field is inexcusable, and has long lasting damaging consequences. I have respect for people who take action and actually do something to further education in the Tattoo Scene, after all isn't the goal of this forum to promote good tattooing. How does it make any sense to attack an educational tool which can do just that, educate regarding Tattoo? It makes even less sense to attack the authors of a Tattoo Education Tool. If you are to far advanced to make use of the Tattoo Style Decision Tree then move on, if you can make use of it then great. There is a lot of hypocrisy going on here and I am calling it.
  3. The following rating system will help you become familiar with common art terms as they relate to tattoos and hopefully better communicate your ideas... The Tattoo Rating System: This Tattoo rating system, rates the common elements, which are present in both color or black and white tattoo designs, regardless of style. The design elements principles, we are examining, describe fundamental ideas and aspects about the practice of good visual design. The Principles of design can be thought of as what artists do to the elements of design. How an Artist applies the Principles of design determines how successful they are in creating a work of art. Rating Scale: To provide your rating, one is to provide a numerical rating of each Tattoo Design Element, on a given a scale from zero to ten, where 10 is best or perfect, for extremely rare cases, a higher rank can be denoted such as eleven, while an extreme bottom score would be "zero" 0. Also one can provide comments about each rating area, if there is something that deserves further feedback. The Design Elements which will be reviewed are: • Tattoo Design Element (1): Over all first impressions – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Design Element (2): Line work, clean breaks and edges – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Design Element (3): Gradients – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Design Element (4): Saturation – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Design Element (5): Fit to Form – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Artistic Design Element (6): Over all Artistic Composition – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Artistic Design Element (7): Harmony, Unity and Dominance – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Artistic Design Element (8 ): Contrast – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Artistic Design Element (9): Texture – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. • Tattoo Artistic Design Element (10): Design Balance – (Rating from 0 -10) and or Notes. here is the link to the full review: How to Rate and Review any Tattoo
  4. These Tattoo Style Decision Trees, are to help decide in what Tattoo Style to proceed in for a new tattoo, this was posted in a different Tattoo forum, thought I would bridge the gap and see what you all thought about this concept. here are links to the main tree and the individual four Genres which further explain and break down the styles individually: Tattoo Style Decision Trees - Five in Total -and related influence diagram
  5. Lazering off the tattoo is always dangerous because it releases tons of harmful chemical compounds into your body. What is generally safe ( Tattoo Pigment) to have in the dermis of your skin, is another matter pumping through your lymphatic system, as your body tries to get rid of it, after lazer treatment. A good artist will be able to work with what you have to make something new and wonderful, even if it takes a couple of applications. Getting the tattoo right the first time is the most efficient way to get tattooed, but being willing to allow an artist to do what is necessary to transform your inadequate art into something new and wonderful is the next best thing. You really have to find the right artist for that though, someone who is fluid in the Tattoo style of art you want and is experienced in coverups as well. My 2 cents...
  6. I have tried many ways to heal a tattoo and have had the best results healing Tattoos with Plastic Wrap (I discontinue plastic wrap once tattooed area starts to peel furiously, ie, surface of skin closed completely approximately 4-7 days) ...and here is some medical backing to support this procedure... The concept of keeping the nonsurgically closed wounds moist and protected is not new. There is documentation indicating that the ancient Mesopotamians dressed their wounds with fine linen soaked in oil. The Greeks applied animal fat and wrapped the wounds, and the Roman applied ashes, oil and herbs and wrapped the wounds. In 1927, Dr. Helmut Schmidt, from Germany, started to use cellophane, which was semi-occlusive, as a bandaging material. He and a handful of other German physicians were able to show that using cellophane rather than standard bandages cut down on infections and sped healing. In 1939, an American, Dr. E.L. Howes, published the first article, “Cellophane as a Wound Dressing,” in the medical journal, Surgery. George Winter, in 1962, published the first controlled study describing how the occluded wounds epithelialized faster than those that were exposed to air. Since then, multiple controlled studies have established that a moist wound environment could facilitate cellular growth and collagen proliferation. Dry wound tissue is more prone to infection, scarring, delayed healing and pain. However, excessive moisture in the wound bed can impair the healing process and also cause periwound maceration. The benefits of moisture Likewise attitudes to ‘simple’ bandages – used to keep the wound clean and dry – are changing. No one would argue over the benefits of providing a degree of protection to wounds. But keeping it dry, usually with a gauze bandage that allows air to get to the site, and allowing a scab to form, while it doesn’t always slow the healing process, does seem more likely to leave a scar. As far back as the 1960s research was showing that wounds that were kept moist healed better than those left to dry. However, it has taken until relatively recently for gauze-based bandages, to give way to ‘semi-occlusive’ bandages that effectively maintain the moisture balance of the wound site by sealing it off but also allowing the transmission of oxygen, nitrogen and water vapour. The natural environment of the cell is moist. Dry cells – for instance hair and nails – are dead cells, incapable of reproducing at their point of origin. Perhaps the most important benefit of a moist bandage is that it provides an optimum environment for cells to stay alive and replicate. Supporting the healing process A wound is a break in the protective barrier of the skin. It allows moisture to escape from the underlying moist tissue and causes the death the superficial cells, a process that results in the familiar scab, composed largely of dried blood and other fluids. While traditional thinking is that the scab is nature’s own barrier to moisture loss, newer thinking sees the scab as an inefficient barrier to moisture loss. Scabs also prevent new cells from colonising the wound area. When a scab is allowed to form, epidermal cells have to penetrate deeper into the dermis where the environment is moist before they can proliferate. This means that the wound will only heal from the bottom up whereas in a moist environment the wound heals from the sides and bottom at the same time. Newer moist dressings such as polymer films and foams, hydrocolloids, hydrogels and calcium alginates allow much less moisture evaporation and may also act as insulation, helping to maintain the optimum temperature needed to support the process of cell replication. Keeping infection at bay Moist dressings are also many times more effective than dry dressings at preventing infections. This is as important for the child in the playground as it is to the patient in hospital, where opportunistic antibiotic resistant bacteria can so easily enter a wound site. In this respect, moist healing is something of a paradox. Most of us would assume that a moist environment would be a breeding ground for germs, but this belief does not acknowledge how efficient the body can be at fighting infection. Nor does it acknowledge that a wound colonised by bacteria is not necessarily at risk of infection. All wounds, no matter how carefully cleaned, are colonised by bacteria. The problem arises when harmful bacteria are given the opportunity to multiply. In a properly nourished body, natural infection fighting mechanisms can effectively keep these bacteria in check. Moist healing actually helps decrease the likelihood of infection. There is evidence, for instance, that while bacteria can penetrate up to 64 layers of gauze they are incapable of penetrating a single layer of polymer film. There is also evidence to show that the infection rate of wounds covered with gauze is 7% compared with 2% for a moist hydrocolloid dressing. One reason for this may be that a moist dressing helps to maintain the slightly acidic condition of the skin which helps to inhibit certain types of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Less pain too Patients also report less pain when wounds are kept moist. Newer dressings may also protect nerve endings helping to reduce the perception of pain. They also do less damage to the wound site when a dressing is being changed. Another intriguing possibility about the effectiveness of moist dressings is that they help to maintain the electrical integrity of the wound site. By keeping the site moist it allows the body’s own electrical current to flow more or less uninterrupted. It has been shown that the electrical charge of wound tissue is positive, relative to the surrounding intact skin. This positive current is thought to orchestrate the migration of healing cells to the site, but cannot flow if the skin is dry. This understanding provides a context into studies of electroacupuncture and the successful healing of a variety of wounds, even those that had failed to heal with prior conventional therapy.
  7. Stockings is a better and more appropriate terms than Leg Sleeves.. what about rocking Tat-Slacks, lol. or Ink Tousers, or Art Britches
  8. I was waiting at the bus stop and had this fella saw "wow your Tattoos are great they must be outside tattoos". Having never heard the term "Outside Tattoos" before, I naively asked, what does that mean... It was explained to me, to me that when a guy gets tattooed inside Jail or Prison, those are called "Inside Tattoos" lol. So the quality of Tattoo Art on my body bespoke professional enough to merit the term Outside Tattoos. A compliment that I will accept. Anyway, the general quality of Tattoos around Nova Scotia, where I live is so low that it is hard to distinguish between Inside and Outside Tattoos. I am happy my Tattoos stand out as Quality enough to be "Outside Tattoos", lol.
  9. I have a collection of Tattoos from a variety of artists over the years. One thing that I have realized if some artists are visually stuck in a particular style, so it takes them some hard work to expand into other styles. If a guy does Oldschool all day long, somehow his Portraits, Biomechanical and Realism all look Oldschool. So be warned. If you found someone who is trying to expand their Tattoo visual range, then they should probably give you special experimental rate until they prove themselves. It could work out good for both of you and if they don't nail it, well you both went in with eyes wide open, and no one will be surprised by anything. Some artists stick to a particular style because they are good at it, and when they wander off into other styles that may not work out for them. It takes a lot of hard work to master a style so be patient and heads up.
  10. I personally hate the term "Leg Sleeve". At this point there must be a more creative way to discuss full coverage from the ankle to the Thigh without saying leg sleeve. My shirt has sleeves, so of course full coverage arms could be called sleeves, since they look the same, but Leg sleeve seems to be missing something. I would not say look at my leg arms... it just doesn't work. Anyone know a better way of describing this area of the body? Also I know bodybuilders who call a great jacked up pair of legs wheels, but that is a leap for me. I do not get it. Great Wheels man! lol.
  11. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone's got one and sometime no one wants to hear it, and sometimes thing come out harsher than intended. For the most part this forum seems to keep things civil and inclusive which is one of the reasons I signed up. We all start from a place of ignorance, and work our way out, (as our interest grows). It is good to state the obvious so it is brought forward to our consciousness, thank you for that, and hope everything works out well for you. .
  12. Thank you for your insight, I agree with many of your observations, as well as the unique level of chaos that enshrines the Tattoo Scene the various players involved and their motivation for acquiring Tattoos.
  13. Thank you for the compliment... I think...lol.
  14. I am passionate about the Topic of Tattoo and am seeking others of like mind, this forum seems like the right place for the subject. Again the "me" does not matter so much as the subject of discussion.
  15. Thank you for that. The saying "Good Tattoos ain't cheap and cheap tattoos ain't good" I see posted everywhere is a logical fallacy, because some times Great Tattooers give an exceptional rate for projects that are close to their hearts, and on the other hand, real terrible Tattooers charge a premium to the unaware or inexperienced. I hear and agree to a certain point about the cheap tattoo seekers, but to me that is not the major cause of the plague of bad tattoos I see everywhere. - - - Updated - - - Here in Nova Scotia, we have, not only ebay, but also Kijiji adds selling tattoo equipment, and supplies, guys looking for people to practice on displaying the worst tattoos ever as their portfolio and even people offering their skin to wreck, to anyone who is willing to drive the needle. WTF. I think one of the problems with the new digital age of tattoo is the highjacking of Tattoo culture by the people who want to sell Tattoo products, the byproduct of their propaganda, is creating mindless consumers, which spills over to fuel the Hacks churning out bad tattoos, making the Tattoo Scene look like a bunch of neanderthals, beneath the TV veneer. The egocentric personality who is seeking TV Fame is different from the art centered individual who may find a Job applying Tattoo Art for money, because they enjoy art for art's sake. Reality TV shows are providing an avenue for fame seekers who might otherwise play guitar seeking fame and fortune and ego fluff. The great Tattoo Artists who I have met and respect are humble, appreciative artist who love art for art sake. - - - Updated - - - I represent myself honestly and hopefully with clarity. Regardless of whether I am an Dishwasher, Sailor, Carpenter or Cook, my statements stand as they are, my perspective is shaped by my experiences, which I am trying to express as clearly as I can, so as to find others of like-mind, or make a correction in my own view on certain issues which are of interest to me. With all due respect, what I say is not about me, it is about the topic at hand, (unless I am telling a personal experience story).
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