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  1. http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee321/Melodies26/554343_10151758165950381_1619789209_n.jpg A link to the pic...I have been going to the same artist. He is great, wonderful line work, easy to talk to and versatile. He moved away. I had to look for a new tattoo artist. I liked the work done at Armored Souls Tattoos and Piercings (downtown Toronto, Queen West). I originally wanted Suspiria to do a tattoo but when I went in there they all stared at me and asked which artist i liked the best. i felt put on the spot. I said all of them to be honest but mostly to be polite so they handed me to t
  2. http://i532.photobucket.com/albums/ee321/Melodies26/554343_10151758165950381_1619789209_n.jpg this is my latest tattoo...I like it BUT the line work doesn't look as good as it should...if anyone can give me tips on how to make this a better tattoo if i can at this point or just general opinion i would appreciate it..should i get the lines fixed up by a new artist?? maybe something behind it or shading behind it to make it pop or stand out?
  3. thanks i am in Ontario and live fairly close to burlington!! thank you :)
  4. gorgeous tattoo!! i'd be proud to have it on my body.
  5. beautiful!! i wonder how they will look down the road though? aren't they a bit small to keep all the detail work as the tattoo ages?
  6. Looks great!! Just as a lot of others were saying-you just need more tattoos up your arm to make it look less weird sitting on your hand all alone.
  7. I always cover up all my tattoos at work. I work for a non profit organization. Too many people still stigmatize others with tattoos so I just don't show them and I try to keep my tattoos in areas that are easily hidden from view.
  8. For me the personality of the artist is almost as important as his skill. I will not go to someone who has a superiority complex or treats their clients in an unfriendly, cold or distant way. I need to have a rapport with whoever tattoos me and I need to feel comfortable communicating what I want.
  9. I am willing to travel within my province no more than a 10 hour drive...so willing to travel pretty far!
  10. I got my first tattoo around my 18th birthday with a close friend who shares the same birthday week. I got a small eye of horus on my left shoulder blade. I chose this one because Bif Naked had the same tattoo and I liked the meaning! Today it is blurry and does not look like an eye of horus at all. I liked it but now I don't and would like to cover it up.
  11. Hi! Melody is my name. I love art and tattoos. I have 14, 13 of which I'm totally satisfied but the last one I am not and that's why I joined this forum for more knowledge, advice and feedback. I used to have a great artist who moved away and I'm having troubles finding an artist who is as good and versatile as him!
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