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    BMX Books Art but mostly Illustration. Would probably win in a fight with a monkey
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    BMX fishing, shooting, making my scooter go faster than it should
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  1. starting out i had two bosses. one was from the tail end of the black tshirt crowd and one was pure old school. the more modern bloke was full of advice about 'the tattooers duty' etc.... and refused to tattoo partners names or football badges etc....and the old school dude said in the early shops he worked in in the late 70's if you had a £5 note and wanted a tattoo you were leaving the shop minus a fiver but a tattoo to the good. this actually matches my early experience of tattoo parlours in the early eighties. i know for a fact that the old school dude tattooed a full nazi back piece (something i would never do) and never gave it a second thought (i may do another thread on the story attached to that!). anyway, this brings me to my current dilemma. i have noticed over the past ten year or maybe a bit longer that masonic imagery is exploding all over the industry. all seeing eyes, burning torches and owls sitting on skulls being the most obvious. my objection would be that invariably the bearers have little understanding of the imagery they are asking for. like.....i wouldnt tattoo a nazi swastika on anybody but it would an especially dick move to tattoo one on somebody who had no idea of what the nazi party even stood for or that it existed. most days i think i should probably just hammer that fucker in and move on to the next one and im probably just being a dick but?.........anyway......
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    Nathaniel Pea
  3. hey. my name is Nathaniel Pea and i have my own studio. i took it over from the previous owner in 2011 having served an apprenticship under that owner. All of this is known by and checkable with my local competition who i am on terms with. i have been tattooing for 8 years in total over two apprenticships and 3 1/2 as a proffesional. i would really like to get out in to the industry a bit and see a different side of my job. i have as i said run my own registered studio for 3 years and have all the documentation to prove that, however if more is needed i am also in regular contact with the lady who overlooks the tattooing side of the environmental health office. i am passionate about tattooing. its all i do. i am always willing to learn. i love learning. i produce my own flash, am interesested in machine function and maintain my own machines (although i have never yet sucessfully cut a timer spring!) and really just buzz off of anything to do with any aspect of tattooing. i would like to think my tattooing is ok. i would love the opportunity to work with other people. i have a few photo's on my profile and in the next couple of weeks i will be uploading more. the reason i dont have the unending streams i see and wish i had is that i work in a street level street shop. I do about 50/50 appointments and walk-ins. i tattoo A LOT of script and stars i suppose what i would most like is a job in a studio with like minds. people i can bounce of of and hopefully they can me. but guest spots would do it. if any one can help thanks. my studio number is 01952 253059
  4. fucking love that tattoo - - - Updated - - - thinking about the first modern recorded tattoo's would all be polynesian. those tattoos were supposed to convey power. powerful images are awesome. what could be more poweful than somethings head run through
  5. my old boss Jeff (Winston Gomez) has a full set of flash screen printed on acetate. pretty sure its the same set that appears in the very famous black and white picture of him (Pinky Yun) behind on the wall. i've tried to buy that set off of him three times now. offer him the right money and he'll part with it, just never had enough to sway him. last i heard he was working in Brighton. good luck finding him.....if you do though its the real set. he has Les Skuse' old power pack too. i've seen it, dont know if it really was or not but probably
  6. Nate Pea

    Dagger & snake

    Reworked Bob Wickes design
  7. rework of Bob Wickes flash
  8. these two frames are on the right a Ron Ackers RA frame and on the left a bronze picarro frame as imported to the uk by Ron Ackers
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