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  1. if you're into the style, Tony Ciavarro at Stinky Monkey looks to do some cool stuff...south of town in Plymouth. In Watertown, i've always had Holly Azzara at Always and Forever bookmarked in case i'm ever back up in that neck of the woods. Of course, Boston is just a quick ride from New Haven and Hope Gallery...can't go wrong there!
  2. so many options for pin-ups...any particular style? i've always been partial to Joe Capobianco
  3. great thread - thanks all for your contributions and for furthering my tattoo education. i'm really loving the James Tex work noted at the beginning of the thread, and Brian Bruno's stuff noted above.
  4. I'm communicating with the student of Master Jess Yen for the Shoki / Oni piece, hopefully to work out trips across the country for those sittings. I've been planning the rest of the work locally with Rodney Raines in Charlotte.
  5. Have been lurking for a while, many thanks for all of the great discussion on this site. I'm a relative tattoo virgin (2 small ones i got at 18 yrs old), and now i'm finally getting ready to start some large work. Have been saving my skin and researching / saving funds for years so I can do a large, cohesive piece. I hope to start within a month or so...will consist of shoki / oni sleeve and a raijin / fujin sleeve, and a crane / tiger backpiece with a waterfall with koi on my butt and hamstrings. cheers!
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