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    Tattooer based in Dublin, Ireland. Tattooing since 2010.
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    Dublin, Ireland.
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  1. Well I definitely noticed a big difference in the speed I was able to paint those kind of paintings once I figured out how to use one. Just be sure to get a decent quality brand and not too use one that is too big because that might result in too much water coming out of the brush when trying to blend. I'd definitely recommend at least trying one out though. Don't see why anyone painting flash wouldn't enjoy using it.
  2. Buying one of those waterbrushes that Valerie mentioned earlier in this thread was one of the best moves I've ever made! haha. Alexander Grimm also suggested getting them and his paintings are fucking excellent. Takes sooooo much stress out of painting tattooy type images. I just apply paint/ink with a normal brush as usual) and a pentell water brush to blend out. Just start to blend out with the water brush, quickly dab the end of it to get rid of paint that has now come on to it, then blend out some more with it. Real easy. Make sure to only use a smallish sized water brush so not too much
  3. Hi everyone :) My name is Paul Aherne. I'm a 26 year old tattooer based in Dublin, Ireland. I started learning how to tattoo in 2010 and it has pretty much taken over my life at this point haha. I really like the whole ethos of "positivity and respect" that this forum promotes so I decided to stop lurking and join up! Also, I have some of my work uploaded to my gallery for anyone who cares to have a look. Looking forward to contributing on here :) -Paul
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