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  1. Looks good! I see a different design every time I look at it.
  2. I did have sunscreen on my tattoo's just every other area. I wasn't planning on being in the sun as long as I was and i'm not one to normally get a lot of sun.
  3. Here are some of my pieces. Sorry for the bad quality on some of the pictures. All the Japanese work was done by Chad Hunt who was at Name Brand Tattoo In Ann Arbor, MI at the time. The Tribal was done a few years prior at a different shape so he was able to work with what I had. The Skull and snake was done by Luke Barnes and the wolf head was Kyle Hath both at Harlequin Tattoo in Hamtramck, MI.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm just officially introducing myself. I'm a longtime lurker finally stepping out. I have 9 tattoos, Technically 11 but three of them were combined to make a chest piece + half sleeve. Right now i'm wanting to extend my half sleeve on my leg to a full sleeve but I still have a faint sun burn above my knees from 6 months ago from where my shorts didn't cover and it's still a bit red/tanned. I've shown my dermatologist and they said it would just take time, that I did some damage. I'm wondering if it's best to wait until my skin returns back to it's pale self or if it's okay just being a tad darker and having had so many months pass. It sucks because that's where I wanted to get more work done at.