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    Tattooer for 24 years , machine builder for 16 years.
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    Bay are
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    Tattooing, machine building.
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    Tattooer at Old Faithful Tattoo

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  1. My name is Joel Dodds, I have been tattooing since 1989. I started in anaheim with Kari Barba, then moved back to sacramento where i am from and worked at American Graffiti with Scott Sylvia, Nate Sponsler, and Eric Hogan. I have had so many good times and met some great tattooers in my time. I now work and run my shop Old Faithful Tattoo with my Wife in Walnut Creek California. I think this is a great site, and im looking forward to contributing, most of all looking forward to continuing to learn as much as i can. Once that stops the day has no purpose!!
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