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  1. Theo is an excellent dude. I'm glad I got to meet him in Austin! Also that fuckin' tiger owns!!
  2. I hadn't seen anything James Yocum did until James Clements introduced me to him and I got tattooed by him the last day of the convention. It's awesome finding new artists! And yes, James Clements is a great tattooer. I have quite a bit of work from him and I love it all.
  3. Had a ton of fun at the Lowbrow Tattoo Convention in Killeen this weekend. Met a lot of great people and got some cool tattoos. Devil Head from James Clements Panthgle from James Yocum Tex Avery Whistlin' Wolf from Paco Cendon (Won tattoo of the day on Sat!) I'm happy but I can barely walk today.
  4. Bent back girl from James Clements, on the road. Done last night. Had a good time, as always.
  5. jpm06

    Bent Back Girl

    From James Clements, on the road.
  6. Latest tattoo. Got this skull morph from Cory Rogers last weekend. He does more than make machines!
  7. jpm06

    Skull Morph

    Skull and rose morph by Cory Rogers at Diablo Rojo
  8. Thanks, one wraps around my wrist and is about 3" x 4" and the other is right above my elbow and is maybe 4" x 4" I just had a couple of pretty awkward spots to fill and these fit right in them once he drew them up. The demon head is a Stony St Claire flash piece and I figured why not add a lamp and fill in the whole gap. I think it turned out pretty well. The all-seeing eye spider thing is something he drew up once I told him to get weird with it. Gonna put a nice fat black web behind it the next time I go in.
  9. Got a couple of filler tattoos last night on my right arm. Both done by James Clements at Fortune and Glory in Shreveport, LA.
  10. Demon Head Magic Lamp tattoo on wrist. Flash taken from Stoney St Claire done by James Clements at Shreveport's Fortune and Glory Tattoo
  11. All Seeing eye spider, James Clements at Fortune and Glory in Shreveport
  12. Got a couple of new filler tattoos on my right arm last night. Both done by James Clements in Shreveport. We're getting close to finishing off my sleeve at this point.
  13. Yeah, I've never really liked the word because it seems weird to apply to tattoos but I don't really know what else to call what I'm doing. I don't really know why "collector" was the term that caught on instead of "enthusiast" or something but I didn't make it up and it's started sounding less awkward to me the more I've heard it. In my mind a collector is someone that is getting pieces by different artists more for the sake of having their work on them rather than a specific image. Almost the difference between buying a painting vs having your house painted if that makes any sense.
  14. I believe he's going to be bouncing around doing different guest spots for a while. He hasn't told me any specific plans about where he's planning on settling. Thanks for the links, I hadn't thought about looking in Lafayette.
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