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  1. Thank you. It's my latest. One shot done in about 4 hours. Sorry for no embed I'm not sure how to go about it on my iPhone.
  2. Anyone dig this? done by @onemancult Instagram
  3. Been searching around Instagram/tumblr looking for vintage 80s biker style tattoos. So far I have found Matt Vancura to have the closest to the style, I really like the trippy colors and 80s influence he puts on his work if that makes sense. Does anyone have any reference material that maybe I've over looked?
  4. Currently trying to find an alternative method of getting down to Austin. My truck has over 200 thousand miles on it so I'm hoping I can find a train. Rock of ages is most likely where I will end up.
  5. It is going to be a lettering cover up if that matters. I'm super close to elm.
  6. Thank you all currently thinking of James at saints and sinners or the tony as mentioned above
  7. That can do a badass panther head. I really dig this one and if anyone has any idea of who did it or anyone who could do a large scale panther head justice let me know. Thanks :) Instagram
  8. Everyone always asks me about my winged skull tattoo and if I'm in a biker gang. People don't seem to realize how far back this symbols go. Long before bikers started using them.
  9. Glad this thread exists. Personally I think butterfly tattoos look tough.. I'll be adding one soon enough :)
  10. so stoked to see James Yocums work in this thread.
  11. Damn Beau is the man. I really want him to do my ditch I hope I can get him while I am in California.
  12. hey guyths.. I think it was this thread I remember someone talking about a sort of satanic version of ROA well this one was started at Saints and Sinners in Dallas not mine but I Just thought I'd share. Artist: James Yocum
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