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  1. It is called graphics work or wrapping, well i think for the automobiles it is the tattoo, and now a days you will see many of these on the roads.
  2. Ablion

    Book thread

    I am reading a very famous love story book "Twilight".... I also watch all its movie parts so when i read this movie all the characters came into my mind and i it feel me more interesting.
  3. There is nothing but adds......... I think you you have put a wrong link or you have put an wrong tittle for this thread because there is nothing like logo design or tattoo into your page.
  4. Well it is not a good thing but one thing is true that many companies can do everything for their promotion. Before this they make billboard only for roads, streets, car and every place in the world but now they choose human for this purpose this is very odd thing.
  5. Ablion

    New Here

    Hello everyone, I am new here in this forum. I always like to explore new things and I found this forum just two days before and I got a lot of information then I decide to join this forum. I think such forums are really nice platform for getting and sharing new ideas and thoughts. I hope I'll learn more through this forum so thanks in advance.
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