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    I've been tattooing since 2001, love traditional and neotraditional in particular.
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    Upstate NY
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    Painting, drawing, knitting
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    Tattoo Artist, Piercer, Mom, Wife
  1. I know, I've noticed the same; I'm sure the intention is to build community, but I think that the reality is that most people would rather jump right in on a thread already started about other stuff or regarding industry-specific topics or a tattoo experience. This forum is open to both artists and collectors/appreciaters alike.
  2. Welcome! I'm a big fan of geeky tattoos done in a Traditional style myself! It's always a fun challenge to design these sorts of pieces too!
  3. In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, I changed shops a bit over a month after my initial post. I currently work in Albany, NY at Albany Modern Body Art . I'm working on actually uploading photos of my work soon, but my instagram feed (@LeftyLucille) is still the most current at this point.
  4. Glad to see you finally got yourself started on here :)
  5. It's easier said than done, usually when I should be asleep but most often when I'm trying to put off doing something else ;)
  6. Hey there all, I've been lurking around reading threads, interviews, and videos for awhile now and am finally getting around to introducing myself. My name is Erin, and I've been tattooing at shops in the Hudson Valley of NY for a little over 13 years and piercing for 14 years. I work at Hudson River Tattoo, in Hudson, NY and you can check out my some of my work via the shop's website here or see my most current stuff on Instagram, @LeftyLucille. I'm 33, wife, mother, knitter, and am always interested in art swaps and guest spots. Thanks for checking out my stuff!
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