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    I'm a non-traditional married mother of one trying to survive in a very traditional & conservative rural area!
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    Southeast Arkansas
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    Getting tattooed & pierced, being a mommy & wife, riding my horses, music, playing with my dogs, re
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    Merchandiser with American Greetings

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  1. From the older people in town who know what I looked like when I was a kid:You were such a pretty girl, why did you have to ruin yourself like that? Personally, I think I'm pretty freakin hot now, where as I had very low self esteem prior... My mom: You need to think about how your appearance is affecting your child. Ummm, I'm on the school PTO, involved with her girl scout troop, and she has tons of friends...so tell me again how I'm ruining her life?? My dad (trying to make me promise not to ever get tattoos): That dragon you thought was cool when you were a teenager won't be so cool to you when you're grown... I'll give you that one Pops! My 15 year old dragon tattoo really isn't as cool to me now, lol
  2. I have no idea what the corporation I work for would say or do if they knew what I looked like. Since I work for an Ohio-based company yet live in Arkansas, I was interviewed entirely by phone and don't look anything like my years-old DL they have on file. I have several visible tattoos unless it's winter and I'm wearing long sleeves, as well as septum, nostril, lip, and many ear piercings, as well as hot pink hair. None of the store managers for the accounts that I service have minded, but I have been told I would be ineligible for employment by their companies. I can't work in an office type setting, I have tried several and was miserable, unconventional type jobs that don't involve sitting down all day suit me best anyway, luckily. - - - Updated - - - I do have to add though that I take great pains to dress appropriate for work, nice clothing, hair fixed, makeup on, and never any cleavage or booty hanging out, and never look unkempt either. I save the sweats, short shorts, and tshirts for home. I think that makes a huge difference as well.
  3. I think somewhat in terms of balance, but mostly I come up with an idea, figure out what body area will best suit that particular piece, and then debate on if my genetics and love of food are going to seriously inflict damage to any particular body art as I age in life. I do find myself buying shirts and shorts that end either completely above or entirely cover my pieces though because I think it looks odd to have half of a piece sticking out, lol.
  4. Hi, I'm Ali and I joined this forum to draw inspiration, learn, and make new friends amongst like-minded people! I am from a small, conservative town in Southeast Arkansas, and have 6 tattoos, several piercings, and typically very loud colored hair, lol. I am married, have one 6 yr. old daughter, several dogs, and horses as well. I was the shop manager for our one and only legal (and awesome) tattoo studio here until my child went to school this year and necessitated a switch to working part time to be home after school. I have known since I was maybe 5 years old and saw my first tattoo that I would have lots of ink, and I am slowly working on covering myself with thoughtful, sentimental, and deeply personal pieces!
  5. Pit bulls are my passion, & this was done in memory of my very first pittie and also my first dog as a grown adult on my own. Lily was a happy girl, always grinning and enjoying life, and loved and was loved by everyone she ever met!
  6. For my daughter, has her birthday hidden in the little girl's wings as well as her name. All elements were picked out and arranged by her when she was 4 as well!
  7. For my daughter, has her birthday hidden in the little girl's wings as well as her name. All elements were picked out and arranged by her when she was 4 as well!
  8. Ali Holloway


    In memory of the best horse I ever had and lost way too soon...
  9. Ali Holloway

    Wedding band

    In honor of my husband, our wedding date, done on our 7th anniversary as a surprise for him!
  10. Ali Holloway

    Newest Tattoo

    In memory of my best friend, lost to kidney failure. His name, actual paw print, and morning glories because he destroyed my mom's and got me cussed for a solid year after!
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