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  1. hey @keepcalm , I only have one arm tattoo so far , its on the under/ outer side of my forearm. My arms aren't massively hairy, but the artist did need to shave the area anyway and the hair grew back no different to my other arm which is tattoo free in the same area. Everyone is different I guess, but I woud assume as a once off you woudnt notice much difference. I remember a girl in high school shaved her arms all the time and the hair always grew back rather intense, but my guess is that's due to the repeated shaving.
  2. Been chatting to the local tattooist who did my sternum (heart and daggers). Am after a crows/skulls/roses piece on my outer right thigh. He is keen to make a start, probably looking at Feb. He does a lot of American traditional and neo traditional, I told him I'm happy for him to just have at it and do what he likes with it. Really keen to see what he comes up with!
  3. InkedMumma


    Omg that photo is messing with my brain big time ??? it's like a pug or boxer x tiger ???
  4. Welcome. Post a bit more about yourself, your other tattoos, interests, future tattoo plans etc.
  5. I've tried to write this before and it just wasn't working, see how we go this time! Well after getting the pipes on my outer forearm (may 2015) I started plotting what would come next. For my Step Dad I want a ship in a stormy sea being taken down by the Kraken and for my Dad I want a deer head inside a rose being stabbed by arrows. ( actual hunting arrows capable of doing damage, not those whispy hipster pinterest style ones) Over the space of a year I played around with ideas before settling on those while also researching ideas on a memorial tattoo for a baby I'd lost years ago. I have my living children's initials on me with stars and hated that I had nothing for her. Not feeling satisfied with the stock standard memorial tattoo I came up with the idea of a tarot card . Three of swords. It's a heart being stabbed by three swords. Looking at it the right way up it means pain to the heart, love loss. In reverse (upside down) it's like moving past or overcoming that pain. Very fitting. It was a very healing tattoo for me. Doesn't fix situations , but I feel a bit of peace now. The tattoo sits under my bust , I was shitting bricks to be honest - figuring it was going to be pretty intense. But that in no way was going to deter me, I was just going to have to suck it up or pass out . Surprisingly it was easy to sit for. Cat stratch or same as when you scratch a mozzie bite too much. The tops of the daggers hurt the most but even so were only a 4/10 at most. I'm convinced my nerves are shot, cos I shouldn't have sat that well. (Honestly - I hate pain!!) I must say I completely love the tattoo. The design was the artists work (I just explained the card and said I'd like it with daggers instead and in a traditional style, but happy for him to play with it ) This is a healed picture, I can see a couple spots that need a touch up so I will sort that out soon.
  6. My first tattoo was a trail of seven butterflies going from the front of my right hip up and around my side. I was 19 and at the time the first two sat in my undies line and the last one closer toward my back. 4 kids and 12 years on, they sit very differently ? poor things have been through a fair bit! In the past I wanted to either rework them or add to them, but now I'm too sentimental and like them all stretched and sad looking ?
  7. Been busy with work and lots of family stuff going on (sister) so haven't done anything since May. Next in line it's a toss up between my Deer head in a rose being stabbed by arrows (hunting arrows not whispy piss ant hipster arrows) or a ship being taken down by the kraken. Thinking deer first cos I'm trying to convince Dad to get a tattoo too ? . Both ideas are reserved for right arm somewhere, depending where Michael thinks they would suit best.
  8. Nah waiting on original poster. I'm trying to con the hairy husband into tattooing his beer belly though. Closest thing I have to a belly tattoo is the one under my boobs. (Which I'm trying to add a pic of but it's not letting me)
  9. Ok so it's been a few months now. Do I get some photos of an awesome tattooed belly to perve on or are you still deciding? Don't leave us hanging.
  10. Its great seeing similar images, each execudted differently ! Loving all the photos!
  11. oooh photos @MadeIndelible ? I really hate clowns, and I would never get a clown tattoo so I'm gonna say that's pretty ballsy of you to get a tattoo of something you fear so much! (I get that tattoos and the real deal aren't the same, but still, you get my point right?) yeah I would imagine roses or flowers in general would become repeated. can never have too many roses :)
  12. Haha cool @Boiled Dove , sounds like a fun ritual you're about to start!
  13. what do you have your skulls paired with @oboogie ? Or are some alone? I love skulls (tattoo form or otherwise, we have a kangaroo and a fox skull, did have a sheep but it went. I also have skulls on clothing, in earring form. ) what birds do you have? Edit: nice birds! :) thanks for posting pics
  14. Just a bit of a random question here, I was wondering if any of you find yourselves getting more than one of any given design? Meaning do you find you have lots of skulls, or lots of animals, or daggers etc. I have just been perving on tattoos, and while the few that I do have are nothing alike ( 7 butterflies on hip, stars n kids initials on back, pipes on arm, heart and daggers on sternum) , I do see myself ending up with lots of skulls and animals. Feel free to share pictures too :)
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