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  1. I'm still getting treated with Picosure. Now they have this boost thing which works wonders and apparently targets red ink too. I got my 6th treatment finished with the boost a couple of weeks ago. I'll post photos once I hit about 12 weeks after. :)
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    First winter in L.A. Must. Go. Snowboarding. with the storm and all. Anyone down to go to Bear Mountain tomorrow? I have my own gear, and a car, but no chains which are required now. Ugh. Hopefully I get some happiness before bed. :o
  3. LOL . i'm quite amused at how perceptive you are to how terrible that tattoo is. :) but it looks like it'll be pretty easy to cover up, though i'm no expert. ure def in the right place to get some cool ideas and direction. welcome!
  4. welcome, welcome. i dont think all tattoos need to carry significance but if it's unsightly, i suppose cover-ups are in order. looking forward to seeing ur tattoos :)
  5. yea, im going for complete removal of the sleeve, wrists, and neck. the neck is my biggest concern as it's really the only thing keeping me from a career in the US military. the sleeve - i just don't like anymore and the wrists could become a problem if the military adopts yet another new tattoo policy. bleh.
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    Hi, guys!

    really nice traditional work @Hardsharpz welcome!
  7. yea, the cream does wonders. but never lasts long so i have to keep reapplying. it goes away after a while though. - - - Updated - - - yea, that's what happens to me - it doesn't hurt or anything and the outline got all puffy but it itched like hell. the bloodiness just came from me being unaware of my scratching whilst i slept. eck.
  8. sometimes, the stitches of the heart on my chest start to itch really badly and it raises. i put hydrocortizone on it calm it down. the tattoo's about 6 years old. anyone know why this happens? it doesn't happen often; just once in a blue moon. but still... before i was getting my sleeve removed, it used to itch all the time - mostly when i was asleep and i would wake up with a bloody arm cuz i was scratching at it all night. the sleeve was less than a year old when it started itching when i moved from denver to vegas. maybe the sun? ... thanks!
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    Hi everyone.

    welcome @Maikel64 ! PC, Xbox, or PS ?
  10. keke, yea - my dr. was a little annoyed at my persistence but i just really wasnt happy after the first session; real change happened after the second time. he showed me some side by side pictures of ppl he's treated who had half their tattoos done with qswitch and the other half with pico and the difference was pretty mind blowing. made me glad i started with pico. - - - Updated - - - thanks! it was done by Adam Rosenthal at Th'ink Tank Tattoos in Denver, CO. she's so lovely. well... was... - - - Updated - - - also, this time 'round, there was less frosting but the dr. said it's still reacting pretty well so we didn't go up although i think next time (which is in 8 weeks) we'll have to. it's been about 24hrs since my last session and although i'm still hella swollen and red - i have very, very minimal blistering. yays.
  11. update! @Mike Panic @YOMONEY below are pictures after two pico sessions; right before going into my third session today. laser time was considerably less this time considering all my shading's gone so there's less area to go over. really bummed about all the hyperpigmentation though. so after being less than impressed with the results after my first session, i insisted my dr. to really burn this shit up (he had strongly advised against the settings i requested but i wouldn't have it any other way) so for my neck, he went from 3.7mm to 3.2 and 3.7 to 3.6 for my sleeve and wrists. results were amazing but left me with some scarring on my neck. so this time this is what we did: neck: 3.5mm // 2.08 J/cm2 // 10 hz // 2 minutes sleeve and wrists: 3.6mm // 1.96 J/cm2 // 10 hz // 27 minutes total pulses: 2208 for the red on Poison's face and lips, we use YAG you can probably tell the first photo is what my Lady looked like before i started treatments. :( [/img]
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    you guys are riding it backwards. ... yes?
  13. i started to post my laser journey under the "picosure" thread. i requested my doc to up the laser setting for my second treatment so even after two weeks, it's made a HUGE difference. pics will be posted at the six week mark before i go in for the third treatment. @YOMONEY i had no idea this laser shit was gonna be such a burden and a discomfort. i expected a certain degree but this down right sucks on every level. i get sick looking at my own tattoos. i feel ya. but keep up. cant wait to see pics of your cover up!
  14. @SStu @Mike Panic hi guys, finished my second session yesterday. i let my doctor know about my healing process; about the blistering, etc and he said that's totally normal and that the blistering will lessen as we progress. firing at 10hz, about 23K total pulses (but I'm not sure if that's including my neck). my neck took about three minutes; sleeve = 36 minutes; wrists a few seconds (probably like 15 seconds total). so it was about 39 minute session. i know the before pictures are important for comparison (and the before pictures are with my dr, i don't have any personal ones) but i'll post pictures after six weeks from this second session i had and you guys can start seeing progress yourselves since the first session. i'll report back in six weeks!
  15. my second session is tomorrow. my sessions are 6 weeks apart. sorry i don't have a clear picture of what it looked like before the first laser session but it doesn't look much different except most of the shading has either disappeared or lightened (turned brown) and some of the thinner outlines of the lyrics (Korean) and thinner lines of the flowers have disappeared. i will be asking the Dr. how fast the machine's going and time the session from the first zap to the last. besides my sleeve, im also lasering a 2"x2.5" colored SJ Poison flash on the back of neck and a 1"x1.5" black chinese character on my wrist and a quarter sized outline of a chick on my other wrist. really not looking forward to all the blistering again. @SStu @Mike Panic
  16. obnoxious stares - i couldn't care less. little kids' stares in wonderment - i give 'em a wink.
  17. great work! love that mermaid. welcome :)
  18. rawr! welcome! looking forward to seeing some pictures!
  19. CampB


    Hi Ray :) welcome
  20. i like ur insomnia series. i miss the dark room. WELCOME!
  21. hey reaperz. Los Angeles, CA Celebrity Laser Spa Dr. Kaplan I believe it's $80/SI with a $300 minimum. Because I'm getting a half sleeve done along with a 2"x2.5" tattoo on the back of my neck, I was priced $1,000/45 minute session but with a special they had going on for the month, I pay $750/45 min session with 10 sessions scheduled six weeks apart.
  22. hi and welcome! :) as shaun said - your first tattoo is a decision you should make on your own. i would go with something very personal, something that means a lot to you, something unique. that being said, i think the irwin's crocodile is a cool idea (i personally wouldn't add the "crickey" though). see you around the forums! :)
  23. I was told I should see some difference at six weeks which is why my sessions are scheduled six weeks apart. But as I mentioned earlier, the least dense areas, i.e. shading, disappeared right as soon as the laser went over it, before my first full session was over. After six days I'm still heavily swollen, red, and bruised so I'll post pictures at about the fifth or six week before I go in for my second session.
  24. not very big. just a shoulder to elbow half sleeve. all black and grey. no color. I need it removed to qualify as a navy officer. then I have a small black tattoo on each wrist, then the sailor jerry Poison flash on the back of my neck. if it wasn't for that navy goal, I never woulda even thought about getting anything besides my sleeve lasered off. - - - Updated - - - sure, i'll post a pic of after my first session. right now, it's blistered to high hell and still swollen and bruised (my first treatment was last saturday). if i post a pic of what it looks now, i can guarantee people will vomit up what they've eaten for the past week. and actually, believe it or not, i dont have a full picture of what it looked like before i started treatment. so i'll put it in words what's improved.
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