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  1. My left sleeve is a Kitsune done by Grime. I would post photos but he specifically asked me not to put it on the internet :/ if you message me I can send you a couple if you'd like.
  2. here's some work from two of my favorite artists that don't tattoo. Vania Zouravliov: Takato Yamamoto:
  3. I recently flew to San Francisco to get tattooed. I ended up paying via PayPal because I didn't feel comfortable carrying around that much money... I tend to lose my wallet sometimes, didn't want to risk it.
  4. I was going to mention Peter Lagergren in this thread, I'm glad someone did. I really love the tattoos and paintings of Cris Cleen (cris cleen works). The feel to his tattoos are really relaxing and amazing.
  5. While I did only turn 20 in September, I'm not that young. It's my favorite picture of me on my dad's back haha. We like to joke that he still carries me with tattooing lol
  6. This was my third tattoo. My father tattooed it on me and drew it up for me based on an idea I had. I love it very much. It's hard to choose between this one and... This was also drawn and tattooed by my dad, Jerry Thomas, based on my own idea. It's hard to pick between these two so I posted 'em both! Hope ya don't mind.
  7. This is my latest tattoo, first session. My dad drew it up and tattooed it based on my own idea. Later on we are adding King Solomon on a throne reading a scroll the hawk delivered to him.
  8. Thanks for the greetings everyone :) Dari, I'd love to post some; should I just post it here?
  9. Well, as someone who grew up around tattooing and tattoo shops (my father being a tattooist) I can say that I was very jaded to tattoos growing up. I never really wanted one because I had seen so many that just weren't cool... My father (my current boss and teacher) also told me I had to wait until I was 21 to get a tattoo. I was sort of angry about this but I knew that he knew the most about tattoos so I listened. My friends all had tattoos in high school ( I live in Virginia as well, so the legal age is 16) and I just thought they were ridiculous. Anyways, my first tattoo was when I was 19 and had been apprenticing for about 3 months already. My dad allowed me to get tattooed since I was learning the craft. I got it on my ribs because I had heard that was the worst spot and if I couldn't handle that I had no business being a tattooist. Today I somewhat regret it because I know that I could have something so much bigger and meaningful than a tiny skull and crossbones lol. I live in a very rural area of Virginia and kids come in daily that just turned 18 wanting their first tattoo (we only tattoo 18 year olds, we don't approve of parental consent) and their ideas are just... idk... I just feel very upset that they want these things so badly and would rather go to someone in their kitchen than not have a tattoo( kitchen wizards are so prominent in our town we often joke about being the "garbage man" having to clean up their trash tattoos). I try to guide them in the right direction towards a quality tattoo but they just don't care. The tattoos that I have seen within 1 year on very young people are truly appalling...
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    Hello :)

    Hello everyone, great website. So far I have loved reading through the forums, great stuff. My name is Max Thomas, I'm from Gloucester, Virginia and I have been apprenticing under my father for over a year now, tattooing for a year in February. I love reading about tattoo history and looking at really old tattoos. I love feeling the mysticism that comes about from being around the tattoo atmosphere. I have grown up around tattooing and have been hanging around tattoo shops since I could barely stand on a skateboard haha. I love tattooing and it's culture so much. I just want to be apart of continuing the tradition of doing quality, solid tattoos that last for life. My goal in life is to just do cool tattoos on a daily basis. Thanks for making such a nice website.
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