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  1. First 8.5 hr session done! Got the deaths head moth done. Still have color to do on the girl and skull.
  2. My tattoo artist sent me a progress of the drawing for my tattoo on feb 1st. He's going to add a deaths head moth in there somewhere, and some background filler between my other tattoos, going to be Full color. The plan is to do it in one sitting..
  3. I have a. Appointment on feb 1st. To get a traditional gypsy head, rose and skull on my back from Karl Williams from Dubuque Tattoo club! Getting excited to get another one, been almost a year since my last one!
  4. Finished my Eagle/Rose Tattoo last night. Done by Karl Williams @ Dubuque Tattoo Club. Very happy with how it turned out!!
  5. bucky685

    Eagle and rose

    Eagle and rose done by Karl William @ Dubuque Tattoo Club
  6. I felt the collar bone was far less painful than by the nipple or even chest. The nipple sucked! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. First session of my eagle/rose done this weekend, second session to do the color in a few weeks. Done by Karl Williams. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. First session of my eagle done yesterday, back in a few weeks to finish the color. Done by Karl Williams
  9. Thank you!! I'm really happy with how it came out!
  10. Very inspirational thread. I have an appointment booked in 2 weeks to have a Traditional Eagle done on my shoulder! Can't wait
  11. Set up my appointment for feb 22 with Karl Williams @ Dubuque tattoo club for a traditional eagle and rose tattoo. Really excited! Bonus when I went in he had my last tattoo in his portfolio.
  12. Thanks!! I'm anxious to get it done!! Need to save a little more before I go talk to him about it!
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