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  1. Got this done last night by Heather Bailey at Spider Murphy's. Super stoked to have work by such a great artist! (First pic's stolen from her Instagram - Instagram)
  2. If we're talking man pin-ups, I gotta put this up here. Definitely a far cry from Tom of Finland! I think it would so fantastic for someone to pull tattoo inspiration from an old JC Leyendecker illustration. The guy was the top American illustrator from something like 1900 to 1930. Such a cool style! He really invented the classy American man. I wouldn't mind seeing someone do a take on that mermaid either. ;)
  3. First tattoo- Cassady Bell at Sideshow Odditorium in Portland, OR.
  4. Tiger Rag

    Red Hot Jazz

    From Ryan McDonald at Kustom Thrills Tattoo in Nashville, TN.
  5. Having only recently become a tattooed individual, I realized that I've started to look at myself and a collection of tattoo-able shapes. And damn if too many of them aren't still empty! I've got my sights set on Spider Murphy's for my next. I haven't made an appointment, yet, but I really want to get in to see Heather Bailey. Her witches and demons and assorted fiends are top notch. I'm thinking of a variation of the classic 'devil holding naked lady' image. I've been wanting to get a tattoo of a hand as well; I might combine the two. Maybe the hand holding a lit match with smoke coming off the tip and swirling up to encircle the devil and lady above. I dunno yet. I'm sure that the artist herself will have a far more educated opinion. I'm looking forward to this one a ton. And after that, I'm gonna need to get something by Stewart Cripwell. As seems to be the usual case among all ya'll, this forum is forcing me to need more tattoos. Bah! :p
  6. I've been on a long road trip across America, and on the way, I've gotten my first couple tattoos. The compass rose is from Cassady Bell at Sideshow Odditorium in Portland, OR, the banjo is Ryan McDonald in Nashville TN. My friends definitely give me some shit for having a banjo on my arm, but I love it. Banjos are rad. :cool:
  7. I know these were mentioned a few posts back, but I've been wondering: Any idea where the lady head with a heart headband image came from? I feel like there's gotta be a cool story behind that one that I'm missing out on. Does it mean anything in particular?
  8. My first tattoo I ended up getting smaller than I really should have (on my outer bicep). It doesn't look shrimpy, but I definitely have some fears it won't look quite right when I get some more surrounding it. Any suggestions layout wise on dealing with a tattoo that's a little small? It's definitely not one I'd cover up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Tiger Rag

    Hey All!

    I'm new here, and mostly new to tattoos. About six months ago I took off on a long road trip across the country. It's not over yet, and along the way, I've gotten my first two tattoos! One in Portland, One in Nashville. I love them both and I'm planning another soon. Probably a lady head, I think. I love them unreasonably. :D I joined up here to ask a couple questions in preparation for number three. Cool place you got here! Here's what I have so far: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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