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  1. I actually saw something quite similar to one you're getting when i was watching miami ink the other night there..i'd love something like that as a thigh piece but still putting some thought into it :)
  2. Have my 9th and 10th Tattoo booked,really can't wait. Can't wait to hear the buzz of the tattoo gun again ! x
  3. I'm slowly working on my backpiece,i'm only 20 but really want my back covered. Just currently finished a four hour piece and honestly can't wait for more!
  4. Just saw this on facebook obv someone didnt do research.... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=788235081191767&set=a.754889891192953.1073741831.227262967288984&type=1&theater
  5. Nikki Walker

    Back piece

    Outline and then finished product of my back piece <3
  6. Awww man,i'm still new here so bit slow at replying :( hahaha - - - Updated - - - Hey cltattooing - Thank you ! x - - - Updated - - - Hey Gregor,I'm from Gourock - Might not have heard of it - it's like a hour away from glasgow well i've had a one tattoo done up in blancolo - my first one when i was 18.. Then rest have been done in greenock,Two of them have been done in a place called tattoo heaven all my others have been done in P!nk ink - Gillian stone is the tattoo artist!
  7. Thanks,Can't believe i've just came across this site D: it's amazing !
  8. Back piece,still to get shadowing done ! x
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