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  1. I actually saw something quite similar to one you're getting when i was watching miami ink the other night there..i'd love something like that as a thigh piece but still putting some thought into it :)
  2. Have my 9th and 10th Tattoo booked,really can't wait. Can't wait to hear the buzz of the tattoo gun again ! x
  3. I'm slowly working on my backpiece,i'm only 20 but really want my back covered. Just currently finished a four hour piece and honestly can't wait for more!
  4. Just saw this on facebook obv someone didnt do research....
  5. Nikki Walker

    Back piece

    Outline and then finished product of my back piece <3
  6. Awww man,i'm still new here so bit slow at replying :( hahaha - - - Updated - - - Hey cltattooing - Thank you ! x - - - Updated - - - Hey Gregor,I'm from Gourock - Might not have heard of it - it's like a hour away from glasgow well i've had a one tattoo done up in blancolo - my first one when i was 18.. Then rest have been done in greenock,Two of them have been done in a place called tattoo heaven all my others have been done in P!nk ink - Gillian stone is the tattoo artist!
  7. Thanks,Can't believe i've just came across this site D: it's amazing !
  8. Back piece,still to get shadowing done ! x