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  1. Coming a long nicely. Can't wait to see finished product.
  2. You honored the temple of God by updating the paint job. I think it's worse that someone lets their temple go unpainted for years. Brings down property value of surrounding temples.
  3. The term shit birds referenced those who are shit birds not those who are female. Gender was irrelevant and still is in my mind. Shirt birds IMO equal those who supported or called me sexist and racist. Couldn't care less what someone's chromosome make up is but if you refer to someone as a sexist based on my "ill advised comments" then yes you are a shirt bird, regardless of your gender. I don't disagree that they are ill advised comments mind you. But I certainly wouldn't deem someone a sexist on them. If you don't know what sexism is look it up. Same goes who wanted to bring race int
  4. Couldn't agree more. I find it odd that those who labeled me a sexist added likes to the post, but hey whatever. ;) Trixie. Topic of poorly done tattoos is a HUGE topic. That is my #1 concern and complaint always with tattoos. And the degree that I place on tattoo proportion to body location is minimal, but it is a small factor to consider, at least to me. Kudos to those who can say they don't give a rats ass and are happy with wherever their art goes. I agree that body image and standards is a serious epidemic that girls and women suffer for greatly over shitty marketing and hollywoo
  5. I don't think anyone would argue that. I certainly didn't. But I'm sure someone will take that as being a racist or sexist /sigh. You make body image out to be more important than it is. When I buy a suit or shirt my body or build places a massive role in style and cut. I feel that it does in tattoo selection, quantity, and placement as well. But in the end I wouldn't give two shits about anyone disagreeing with my assessment of my choices as long as I am happy with them. Not sure why anyone else would care what I would think of them either, but apparently my opinion carry's a lot of we
  6. Again, where did you read I don't like heavily tattooed men and women? I have 27 tattoos. 28 if you count a cover up. Did you read that I didn't like heavily tattooed men or women somewhere? Have you been buying Trixie's trash or even worse the late comer to this conversation, Delicious? Use a quote feature but don't put words in my mouth, thanks. This thread has gotten out of control. I have been called a sexist, a racist, and have read nasty comments directed toward me simply for voicing my opinion that it IS possible to have too many tattoos on SOME people. That's an opinion that I r
  7. What the hell are you talking about kid? Who said people shouldn't get tattoos based on their race?! What an idiot. So you just make up stuff and rant like a 12 year old hypersensitive child as if someone is arguing something like that? Chill out. Your the one stirring the pot. I'm assuming you are just not reading the posts and jumping on the bully ban wagon because you would not see anything about race or sexism that came from me. All I did was answer the OP's question. Yes some people have too many tattoos in my opinion that don't compliment their look, some don't. Deal with it. T
  8. The time limit is the only thing that kills me with this show. Other than that, call me crazy, but I love it.
  9. Maybe you should consider the fact that your tattoos have significantly enhanced your appearance and made you both physically much more interesting people who are judging based on looks. I don't think I or anyone has ever said that only runway models can get tattoos. Like Trixie et al believe. As Tesseracts nicely noted there was an assumption going on. This assumption of who I deem or don't deem should have more or less tattoos is something that people attacked because they constantly look for a fight in regards for anything that doesn't fit their kumbaya world. At least I am glad to see
  10. Simply put, some images and designs will look out of place or take away from a women's beauty. Big, small, athletic, it doesn't matter. I'm just saying that some tattoos are placed in the wrong areas and the sizing can be wrong or too many tattoos like the OP asked can take away from the women's beauty or the beauty of the other tattoos. I suppose you don't like the answer, but like it or not the answer is yes. If you can't admit that you have seen both males and females with tattoo overload that results in a negative look then you are delusional. I have also seen both males and females t
  11. The knee, hands down. The skin make up along with the constant flexing of the skin. Tough spot for healing.
  12. Don't get over sensitive. In a forum that loves body art so much I did't realize this place was so PC. Tattoos are physical markings and to think in terms of physical locations and correlations or proportions of canvas and ink seems reasonable to me. Tattoos are used to bring attention to certain areas of the body many times and if you think that is shallow or makes me a knucklehead then I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. You can think I'm an asshole and I will just think of you as a winey, sensitive troll. Point is I love a lot of tattoos on certain women and others I think look ou
  13. First off, I like the skulls and I like the age on them. Maybe that's just my taste, but older tattoos look more bad ass to me. I do see what you mean about the phoenix. A cover up seems like a drastic move. I'd see about having someone who has the skills to rework it and add some color and darker lines for definition. You got to be happy with them, but I don't see too many reasons why you shouldn't like them as is. Hope that helps.
  14. Anyone have experience with laser tattoo removal with just black in the tattoo? In Northern Virginia area or Baltimore? I am concerned of scarring or residual effects. I am curious if the tattoo is able to be completely removed or if there will always be some left over?
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