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  1. The only thing I saw wrong with Matt's piece was the skull in the small of her back. That thing was jacked. In my opinion, Cruseman earned that victory against Blinston, and I've been backing Blinston since episode...four, I think. I just thought that his piece, while stellar, was just barely edged out. As for Tatu Baby, she has demonstrated that she is a great tattoo artist, but she is not an Ink Master. She drew a wolf with no fucking legs. For her Master Work. That is inexcusable. As for next season's roster, half of the people were 2nd or 3rd place contestants, so they have a serious adv
  2. Calling it now: St. Marq and Cleen Rock One are going to the finale in Season 7. I'd like to see Sarah Miller make it, but I think St. Marq is going to rattle her cage more than Kay Kutta did.
  3. I don't want to sound crass, but am I the only one who finds it weird that these artists are putting strange faces on the backs of the female canvasses? If I'm fucking a chick from the rear and I'm looking at a different woman's face, I think it might throw off my game a little. Is it just me?
  4. That's what blows my mind. If you make it to the Top 5, definitely advertise that. They start with 18 artists, you make it to the Top 7, that's no mean feat. You get eliminated in the first 3 rounds, you just need to acknowledge it if someone mentions it, but I wouldn't brag about it. The conditions those men and women are working under are extremely stressful, rattling even the best artists. Miami, for instance, is apparently a Black Belt in tattooing, but look how quickly he got bounced. That loft kicked his ass, much to the surprise of Nunez and Peck. Fucktards like Mystical Mike, on the
  5. Yeah, you're right. There's no possible way doing badly on this show could hinder an artist's career. Nope, none at all. Everyone wants to get a tattoo done by someone who was on TV. Even if that person was...how did you say it? Laughed off the show? Yeah, that's definitely a selling point for an artist. "Hey, did you see me get mocked and ridiculed by my peers? How about you pay me to put ink into your skin!" A fool and his money.
  6. I hate to be That Guy, but it seems to be the role I am destined to play in life. It's Season 6 of Ink Master, not season 1. There is NO REASON for any artist to enter that House and say "Gee I don't do (insert name of style here)" because they should know by now what is expected of them. Even if you have never seen a single episode of the show, you have Internet access and you can go to the Wikipedia page and learn. You can't do portraits? Don't sign up. You can't do Black and Gray? Don't sign up. You can't do American Traditional? Don't fucking sign up. It's a competition not your ho
  7. Yeah, keeping Mustache Pete in the house kept Chris' "Team Florida" strong, which is what he wanted/needed. St. Marq would have crushed that little guy like an insect and Chris is actually a really good tactician as well as a damn fine artist. When I saw his Heart/Grenade that sealed his victory in my mind, although he has stumbled a couple times since then. Now that Tyler is gone he is alone and not well-liked, so the rest of the season is going to be interesting. And Craig has more lives than a cat. He isn't going to make the Top 3, but he has survived a lot longer than I expected him too
  8. Here's a fun fact: St. Marq taught Chris Blinston how to tattoo. So, due to Chris not wanting to send that twat with the mustache home, St. Marq left WAY sooner than he should have.
  9. It seems obvious to me that, barring an upset, Chris Blinston is going to take the title this season. He has consistently done excellent work including some fairly large pieces.
  10. I think this is the correct place to post this: This morning I saw some pictures of cryptocurrency tattoos and it made me wonder: does anyone on this forum have any? Or have any of the artists been commissioned to do any? If you can say "Yes" to either of those questions and would like to share your story and some photos with me, I would love to chat with you. I have been reporting on various aspects of cryptocurrency for several weeks now on CoinBrief | Daily Coverage of Crypto Currency and Follow The Coin - The Home Page of Digital Currency and I am always seeking new stories. Please co
  11. So, here we are in May 2014. Are any artists accepting Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrencies)? And if so, would you like to talk to me about? I write for one of the bitcoin news websites and I'm always looking for new stuff.
  12. I think this begs the question "Why aren't those neon signs for sale everywhere tattoo supplies are sold?" I think they would be a HUGE seller.
  13. Yeah, this can't possibly go wrong. I am totally going to team up with Brainiac as soon as he escapes from the lab.
  14. *shrug* Like I said, everything starts out weak and clumsy. However, if you examine the history of technology you start to see how existing tech gets folded in with emerging tech to create new and unexpected things. Robot surgery currently needs a human doctor. That may not be the case in 5 years, much less 20. Only time will tell. Robotic tattooing currently needs a human being to create the design, and to stand by and watch the machinery. Again, that is just the way things are NOW. The future is always in motion, and people are constantly trying to let robots do things better than humans.
  15. You're right, I must be some kind of fucking madman.
  16. Watch Game of Thrones Online for Free | Stream- TV The Internet killed television. Also, about the episode itself...damn, that was well done. I am conflicted about how I feel about the liberties the writers (including GRR Martin himself) have taken with the source material to create the show. Sometimes it works really, really well. And other times you get season 2.
  17. Yeah, I generally prefer it when they get tattoo legends like Seth Ciferri on the show, but since it's Spike you can pretty much bank on any tattooed celebrity with a project, newly released or in the works, to stop by.
  18. What worries me is that as the technology advances software will become increasingly user-friendly to the point that even a child will be able to operate it. Not all tattoo artists need a Fine Arts background, but I think we can all agree that some knowledge of a Color Wheel sure does come in handy when designing a tattoo; especially if it has color. For the ones that don't contain color, what about things like composition and placement? Technology will allow you to apply really well-drawn (not necessarily GOOD) tattoos in bad areas using shitty color palettes. The upside being you will be abl
  19. The technology is in it's infancy, but that doesn't mean it will never mature. Newsweek in 1995: Why the Internet will Fail. - The Next Web Everything starts small, weak, and clumsy.
  20. I don't know if I can say that is, in and of itself, a bad thing. If it isn't interfering with other people buying the shirts, I don't see the problem. Now, I do understand that the artist doesn't receive a cut of the after-market sale, but when have they ever? Hell, it might actually drive more traffic to the site as people try and get the merch at the original price instead of paying extra.
  21. That is a pretty sweet design. Also, a clever business model to have a design available for one day only.
  22. I just realized that I made a big mistake there. I meant Scott, not Jim. Jim is really good, but I agree with you that Scott and Sausage are very likely contenders for the finale, with Matti and Halo duking it out for the 3rd slot. That's what I meant.
  23. I'm not really thrilled with this show myself. The jokes are lame, the tattoos are less-than-impressive...I just found the show very difficult to watch. Especially after seeing Tommy Helm over at Tattoo Nightmares. The skits on that show aren't SNL quality, but the art is pretty damn good.
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