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  1. Got my wife this tattoo from Thad Ritchey @ California Electric. We just had a baby a month ago and she really wanted this tattoo to symbolize that. Really happy with how it came out.
  2. Today I found out I am having a boy and I want to get a tattoo to celebrate the moment. I was thinking of a traditional elephant and baby elephant? Something classic and simple.
  3. Sometimes it's just awesome to go see what your artist has drawn lately and tell him you want it. I don't have many ideas for tattoos left and got the things I wanted, so now I just get stuff that looks awesome and that I think fits who I am.
  4. I got this today from Skylar Grove at Polished Tattoo in San Jose while my car was being washed. Yup, total impulse tattoo and I love it.
  5. I never took losing weight and doing weightlifting so seriously until I realized that if I want to tattoo my body, I better get in shape. I'm still working on it.
  6. Went with my girlfriend to Good Omen in Santa Cruz and she finished her Frida skull up today. I swear, my girlfriends always end up with better tattoos than me!
  7. A lot of meds will thin your blood, but I never had problems taking Ibuprofen in small doses to help.
  8. You and I and Jason should go to an A's game, soon.
  9. My artist came to town and was able to finish my raven a couple of nights ago. I can finally move on to finishing my forearm goat tattoo, now. By Samantha Mancino, Clubhouse Tattoo, Oakland, CA.
  10. I've got two ravens, completely different styles. They are two of my favorite tattoos, too! Go for it! Your reference image would be easy enough for a good artist to work with. Too black? Hell no, Ravens are black birds...
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