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    Traditional Tattooing and history about it too...
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    lots of them...

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  1. We don't care what style of tattooing you're involved with, we want to see all styles. Maybe post pictures of some of your drawings and paintings? I like what you've shown us so far.



  2. Hello, how are you people? Well, sorry didnt post here before, i'm registred here but as i registered my account at my work kind of i couldnt be seen visiting sites and foruns there... anyways hello, my name is mauro, some might know me from facebook or myspace, i'm from brazil but i'm not a tattooer yet (i'm currently just an apprentice) cuz traditional tattoo style isent a "money maker" thing around here and its really hard to find tattooers to teach me how to tattoo this kind of stuff cuz, well, no one wants to waste time with something that dont sell so... but i know some things, i'm always studying, i have three different jobs around here and i just draw in the free times between one work and another, and the times that i use to rest or sleep... well, thats it i guess sorry for my english, i had to learn by myself so i can contact people outside my country to learn about traditional tattoo so my english kind of sucks (i dont use google translate and nothing like that by the way) c ya! and thanks for the attention ...
  3. heheheh have to be honest with you, brazilian market for traditional tattoo is not a bi deal, almost no one works with that around here, at least dont work seriously... i dont have pictures of works and stuff like that cuz i'm currently learning yet, but i think that 'll have some soon

    pictures i just have of the designs that i create and stuff like that for now...



  4. I think that should have a place just to talk about creation, drawing, painting, techniques and stuff like that too... well, its just an idea...
  5. Hello to our first Brazilian friend! Would LOVE to hear about the Brazilian tattoo community!

    Thanks for joining in, please post some pictures if you get a chance,


  6. Welcome to Last Sparrow Tattoo. I/we look forward to your contributions to our tattoo forum and tattoo blog via stories and pictures!

    Thanks and until then......have a good day


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